Be kind to yourself and put yourself as priority.

As busy modern mothers, we are known to be multitaskers and always putting our children’s needs in front of ours.

We have always emphasised the importance of self-care for mothers. Its a known fact that mothers are the glue which hold families together, we couldnt agree more. But sometimes, when our body reaches exhaustion mode, we need to hit on that reset button. Remember that you can’t pour from an empty cup.

cloud 12 review

You should not feel guilty for taking time out, whatever this maybe. Recently, Kensington Mums was invited for a little of pampering at the newly opened Cloud Twelve in the heart of Notting Hill Gate. This place is a haven. Its got everything any women would need to walk out feeling relaxed and energised. Self care is not about being selfish, its a necessity and not selfish. Every women needs to feel good about herself and Cloud Twelve offers just that.


We have shared in the past some Top 5 tips to have some me time every day, so here we share them again for a little reminder.

  1. Block-out 30 minutes a day for yourself. You can do this by getting up 30 minutes earlier, going to bed 30 minutes later, or choosing another time during the day. Let everyone in the family know this is your time to do something for you and don’t let it become a time to do chores, write lists, or make phone calls to sort out family things. Use this time to read a book, research a course you want to go on, take a long bath, go for a walk, go to an exercise class…
  2. Write a daily gratitude journal. The evidence is compelling; writing down 3 things you are grateful for each day helps increase happiness, reduces the risks of mental health issues, and promotes a positive sense of wellbeing. It also helps to reframe your day so the focus is placed on the little things which enhanced your day rather than the things which didn’t quite get done, or didn’t go according to plan.
  3. Make sleep a priority. Make sure you are getting a regular 7-8 hours sleep each night. Make your room a haven for sleep so take out technology and devices so you can ease yourself into a comfortable sleep. You could even write your gratitude journal just before you go to sleep!
  4. Find and connect regularly with your tribe. Parenting is hard without an extended group of friends who you can turn to for support when things become challenging. Investing in these friendships is key for your long term happiness and positive mental health.
  5. Get out into nature regularly. You don’t need to start running, or even drive out to the countryside; you just need to get some fresh air in your lungs at least 3-4 times a week. You’ll find it helps clear your head and gets restores your energy and creativity. So maybe talk instead of driving when you can, or commit to talking a 20-minute walk every other day.
cloud 12 review

cloud 12 review

What to expect at Cloud Twelve?

Extending over three floors, the club is home to an interactive play & learn zone for families with children, indulgent spa, luxury salon, nutritionally-focused brasserie and a holistic wellness clinic.
It is a sanctuary within the city for like-minded individuals to spend quality time with friends and family, have fun, share ideas, learn new skills and enjoy some precious ‘me time’ to unwind, detoxify and rejuvenate body and mind.
They have a beautiful family space which is a member’s only area tailored to families with young children. Their beautifully designed wellness facilities and brasserie cater to adults and are open for non-members to enjoy.

For more information, visit Cloud Twelve website