Playbrush making Toothbrushing Fun

This week’s featured post is a review by a Mum of two based in Vienna, Austria who helped the trail out of Playbrush. For those of you who always struggle with your kids toothbrushing routine, then this is for you.

I bet you are in the same situation I was! Every evening before bedtime, your sweet and innocent little kids turn into monsters. This is not due to the moonlight; it is just because it’s time to brush their teeth. And the only explanation I have for it, is that children just really really hate brushing their teeth.

A good friend of mine noticed our daily struggle and suggested that I tried out Playbrush. He said it allows a toothbrush to be used as a games controller to teach your children how to brush correctly. I normally try and limit my kids’ access to mobile phones and computers, but the way he explained it intrigued me enough to organise a test session. And straight away I was convinced!

You put a little rubber device at the end of a normal manual toothbrush and download the game via your App Store. It automatically connected to my phone and then I could start. All the movement my kids did whilst brushing caused the character in the game to fire at the enemies in different directions. My kids loved it! They loved it so much they wanted to keep it after the test session!

To all the mothers out there! Do yourself a favour and help the Playbrush team to launch their product as fast as possible! All the screaming and crying will be over soon. Playbrush is great as its easy, fun and once you test it you’ll never want to be without it!

Featured post by Sophie. She is a mother based in Vienna, Austria, who helped Playbrush test their product in the early stages. Her children are 5 1⁄2 and 1 1⁄2 and both enjoyed playing and brushing with Playbrush. We are now looking for other parents based in the UK who would like to help us by giving their feedback about Playbrush. Drop us an email at [email protected] if you want to test our product, and we would love to arrange a testing session. Your insight will help us to create a better brushing experience for children all over the world. Thank you!