Yummy Mummy Wakes Up With Permanent Makeup

Research suggests that the average British woman will spend two years of her life applying makeup, spending an eye-watering £22,000 on everything from eyebrow pencils and lip-liner to mascara and lipsticks in the process.

Are you tired of sacrificing your precious time just to apply your makeup so that you can feel ready for the day? Do you find it hard to find time to properly do your makeup with your little ones around? Then keep reading and find out a special discount code exclusive for Kensington Mums.

permanent make upPermanent makeup a perfect solution whether you’re making your school run, working out with your personal trainer, being a busy yummy mummy or mumpreneur. You can look fabulous all the time with minimum effort and here’s

10 Things To Ask/Consider Before Having Permanent Makeup

  1. Are They Professionally Trained?

Permanent makeup is an advanced form of tattooing, so be sure you get your treatment done by a permanent makeup artist who is professionally trained.

  1. Are They Up To Date?

Having 30 years of experience in this field doesn’t always equal to being fully up-to-date with the latest techniques and trends. It’s important to choose a practitioner who undertakes regular, continuing professional development so they can offer you the most contemporary and reputable service possible.

  1. How much do they cost?

There’s an old saying: if it looks too good to be true, it probably is. A permanent makeup treatment can cost anything from £50 all the way up to £1000 per procedure. The cost of treatment is usually a reflection of the permanent makeup artist’s skills, tools/facilities that they use and the level training they have received.

If the technician is offering their treatment at a reduced rate, can they give you sound reason why that’s the case and, if so, do they have any photographs to show the quality of their work?

Going with a bargaining price might result in suffering undesirable consequences and paying for expensive correctional work instead. It’s worth choosing wisely!

  1. Are They Fully Insured?

All permanent makeup artist should be fully insured and licensed as a part of professional due diligence. It protects you and them. Check if they display their license at their premises.

  1. Do They Offer A Complimentary Consultation?

This initial contact builds mutual trust and respect before moving on.

  1. Patch Test

permanent make up


It is standard procedure that a 24-hour patch test should be provided before the actual treatment. This is to ensure that there is no adverse reaction to any products used and this is a legal requirement in the UK.





  1. Do They Have A No Back-To-Back Clients’ Policy?

Is the technician likely to be racing against the clock to complete your treatment in order to get to their next client? Or is the technician able to take the time needed to get the job done properly and to the right standard without any pressure? Permanent makeup is an essential luxury treatment and every client deserves to enjoy the process, knowing for sure their technician will never have to rush – so try to choose a technician who has a policy of not booking clients back to back.

  1. Pre-Treatment Consultation

Does the technician offer you another consultation prior to your treatment? This is to permanent make upensure that you are in good health and suitable for the treatment, and that you are happy with the colour and shape you’ve chosen before starting the procedure.

  1. After Care

It is important that the practitioner provides you with an after care pack with instructions and products so that you can look after your newly treated area once your treatment are finished.

  1. Is A Control Session Included?

Do they incorporate a complimentary top-up session into the treatment? During the healing process, our skin may ‘hold’ pigment differently, resulting in some areas healing in a patchy way. During the top-up session, your technician will be able to address this and fine-tune anything that needs to be done.

April’s Background

This article is written by April Lui, she’s is a fully qualified and fully insured permanent makeup artist based in Maida Vale, London. She has been applying her wakeup with makeup three-step system for over five years.

She has BSc Medical Engineering at Queen Mary University and MSc Biochemical Engineering at UCL and worked in medical industry for nearly a decade. She’s a trusted member of women’s business community and a regular speaker at events and also at live broadcast.

With clients that include international public speakers, busy business leaders, fellow entrepreneurs and “yummy mummies’, April’s mission is to bring joy, confidence and precious time to other’s so that their true beauty shines through. Her clients often report receiving compliments from their friends and family that they look younger and fresher. Permanent Makeup can imbue a sense of confidence within us that changes the way we act and feel in our life. 

Next Step

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