Making pasta fun! Pasta n Play Cookery Classes

Pasta n Play offers fun pasta-making workshops for children and adults in London. We spoke to founder Vittoria Veltri about how she came up with the idea for her business:

“As a child, while I used to watch my Grandmother preparing food for our family, I was messing around with flour and playing with the dough. That’s how my passion for cooking started… playing and having fun!

“This is exactly how I want to conduct my cooking classes. The message I try to convey is that making pasta from scratch is an enjoyable and rewarding activity. I will never forget how much fun making pasta was for me, that’s why I like to share my dearest Nonna secrets’ with the world!

“I moved here 8 years ago and my background was in tax law. I studied Law in Bologna, Florence and Milan, then I worked as a tax advisor. Working in the law environment made me realise how much I enjoyed cooking and sharing the experience with other…my future was decided.

“I started teaching as a cookery tutor during the weekend for almost three years. I start my own cookery school when I was expecting my first child. I tested the recipes on friends first and then started advertising the class online, through directories and social media; on the street, with flyers and through word of mouth.

“The classes grew to the point where I was running them every weekend. I was finally paving my future. A job I thoroughly enjoy. It is so creative, fun and it fits so well around my mum life. I am finally doing the job of my dreams” says Vicky.Making pasta with kids
Fresh homemade pasta is one of the simplest and least expensive things you could make with your kids. It only requires 2 ingredients: white flour and eggs. It takes 15 minutes to prepare, first we work the dough with the kids into pasta shapes and then we eat it with some mouth-watering homemade sauce.

“Here are some positive facts about pasta making: all kids love pasta, many veggies can be introduced along with pasta, it’s super easy to make and it does require little equipment to make.”

Below is Vittoria’s secret recipe:

Ingredients: 300 gr white flour, 3 eggs

1. Make a fountain with the flour, a big hole in the middle.

2. Eggs go to the centre of the fountain, then we start mixing the ingredients with a fork. Once they are mixed thoroughly, start bringing in the flour.

3. Once all the flour is mixed in, we start kneading the dough with hands, pushing, pulling and turning around. Always Knead on a flour-dusted surface for at least 10/12 minutes for a perfect result. Make a nice and smooth ball. Wrap in cling film and let it rest for 30 minutes.

4. With this simple dough, you can make many types of pasta.

5. For Pici, hand roll little squares of dough into long snakes to create hand-made spaghetti also called Pici

6. For Gnocchetti, roll the squares through a butter paddle to create gnocchi.

If you would like to try out making pasta and other delicacies, Pasta n Play has launched kids’ classes in several locations in London: Chelsea, St. John’s Wood, Fulham and Queen’s Park. You can create beautiful memories for your children birthdays with their fun classes! Their parties are unique and customisable. A huge variety of fun recipes, cool locations and eco-friendly party bags/party decorations make unforgettable moments with Pasta n Play!
To book a class go to the website or send any enquiry to: [email protected]

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