Part 3. A ‘meemo’ of the motherhood exhibition by HiyaLife

Relive the moment…the Kensington Mums Motherhood Exhibition.

Fernando and Sabrina from hiyalife were part of the supporters in the Kensington Mums Motherhood Exhibition. They enjoyed it so much that they made us a treat… a digital ‘meemo‘ souvenir of the Motherhood Exhibition to capture the beautiful event we had a few weeks ago at Beaufort House Chelsea.


So in case you were not able to attend, this will give you a sneak peak of the night and a lovely memory not to forget…You are only a click away…

In hiyalife you can remember good times with friends and family.

It’s a cross between a digital scrapbook and a collaborative biography where you build your lifestory through private and shared memories – you choose exactly who can see what.

You can use hiyalife to create and record memories of your children, together with your family… they will have a whole bunch of memories from their early years to look back on, and will love you for it!

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