Part 2. Kensington Mums Motherhood Exhibition, Portraits and Video.

You are invited to browse through the portraits of the Mums and video/montage of the Motherhood Exhibition. Thanks to the lovely Juliana from Captured by Juliana for her amazing photographs. Each Mum shared her motherhood journey which clearly depicted the many different roles and responsibility of mothers in today’s society.

All the Mums completed the sentence ‘I am a Mum and a …’  on their mini blackboard. This activity is  the brainchild of Pippa from Story of Mum and has already been shared by many Mums around the country and beyond. Its a great activity which allows you to figure out your identity and  who you are once you have become a Mum.

We’ve adapted Steve Tanner‘s original black and white/blackboard approach in this exhibition, which was great as it also meant little ones could have a go too!


Film editor and producer behind the video/montage is Dina from Kensington Mums.

Have your cup of tea ready and enjoy the short movie. Let us know your views by tweeting us @KensingtonMums #motherhoodexhibition or joining the conversation on our Facebook Page.

We are proud to share with you that the portraits of this exhibition will be used in the touring  ‘Story of Mum: Mums making an exhibition of themselves’ culminating in an exhibition at the Museum of Motherhood in New York.

Feedback received was just amazing! Than you all for your kind words.

“A mother is a blessing by itself and Kensington Mums is a great asset to the Kensington community.”
“Thank you for a wonderful evening! So many amazing mums, so proud to be involved in the #motherhoodexhibition. Thank you!”

“You did a FAB job tonight at the #motherhoodexhibition It was fantastic. Thank you so much for involving us and inviting us”

“Such a magnificent exhibition last night. To work with u would b a privilege. U hv a heart 4 mums xx”

“Thank you Dina @KensingtonMums for a lovely evening and a moving and very entertaining exhibition”

“Enjoyed the #motherhoodexhibtion last night. Great photos, video, atmosphere & friendliness.”
“Thank you for a wonderful evening! So many amazing mums, so proud to be involved in the #motherhoodexhibition. Thank you!”

“Lovely evening at @KensingtonMums #motherhood exhibition, what an inspiring and emotional exhibition and mini doc. Proud to be a part!”

“Thanks @KensingtonMums for a great night & exhibition. Nice hearing & seeing everyones interpretation of #motherhood”

“Just opened my @KensingtonMums goodie-goodie bag…WOW, thanks! X #MotherhoodExhibition”


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