Open your Eyes to Boarding – the next step for your daughter

Modern boarding has evolved to suit modern lifestyles. A highly positive, often multi-national experience, boarding schools can be an excellent way to prepare your daughter for a culturally diverse, global world. A growing number of students board during the week or on a flexi basis, making it an excellent option for today’s families with busy lifestyles.

One of the great benefits of boarding is the tremendous opportunities it provides for your daughter to do well, whatever her interests. Many girls have multiple extra-curricular interests and boarding school life provides both the time and scope of activity for those who are multi-talented to blossom.

GSA boarding schools have a high ratio of teachers to pupils and across the sector as a whole, half of every A level exam taken is awarded a top A star or A grade and 96% of students from GSA schools progress to higher education. Well over half of students do well enough to access the top universities in the UK, including Oxford and Cambridge.

Today’s boarding environments are hugely various and, whether you’re looking for a large bustling city centre school or a small rural school with plenty of fresh air, there is likely one to suit your daughter’s personality and your family requirements. Some schools are very traditional, others less so. Each school has its own unique character and the facilities available to students can be outstanding, with state-of-the-art sports, drama and computing facilities.

Choosing a secondary school is a big decision, which is why it’s best to do as much research as possible before making your choice. Open Your Eyes to Boarding is an opportunity to discover what modern boarding has to offer your daughter. Together, you and your daughter can meet face to face with representatives of 25 top UK boarding schools for girls.

The event, organised by the Girls’ Schools Association, is being hosted by Broomwood Hall, SW12 on Thursday 27 April at 6.30pm till 8.30pm. Visitors will be able to meet current students as well as Heads and other school representatives. There will be Head Teacher discussion / Q&A panels on key topics of interest plus plenty of opportunity to talk one-to-one with Heads. You and your daughter will also be able to hop on the ‘boarding bus’ and see what a typical boarding school bedroom looks like.

“Boarding today offers tremendous choice and opportunity,” says Charlotte Avery, President of the Girls’ Schools Association. “This event will give you a flavour of the different sizes, ethos and locations of schools as well as how you can make boarding work for your individual family, with options such as flexi and weekly boarding as well as full boarding.”

Come to meet the schools and find out more on 27 April.


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