Online Learning with Night Zookeeper

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Night Zookeeper is an online learning website for children aged 6 to 12 that helps to make learning fun, engaging, and magical! It encourages children to write creative stories, draw pictures, complete fun writing lessons, as well as take on spelling, grammar, and punctuation challenges.

All of this takes place in the magical world of the Night Zoo, where children can create and collect their own animal characters, battle monsters, and climb up a global leaderboard of children from around the world. Night Zookeeper has already helped over 500,000 children to improve their writing, reading and creative thinking skills.

Benefits for your child

  • Develops a love of writing and motivates reluctant writers.
  • Improves spelling, grammar, reading, and writing skills.
  • Provides a safe space for children to express themselves creatively.
  • Fosters creative thinking skills and the ability to imagine.
  • A more productive and educational use of screen time.

How it started

The company was founded in 2011 with the ambition to put creativity at the heart of education and turn children into digital creators of content, rather than merely consumers of it. They wanted to use storytelling and technology to develop the ability of children to imagine and create, as well as improve literacy skills.

What started as a school project where children were asked to imagine and create a magical animal that no one had ever seen before, evolved into an educational website used in over 5,000 schools and more than 40 countries. There is even a series of Night Zookeeper storybooks and an animated series of Night Zookeeper on Sky TV.

How does it make reading and writing fun?

Night Zookeeper is designed to help children fall in love with reading and writing. All challenges are age-specific, so younger children play through shorter, engaging spelling, vocabulary, and grammar challenges that are designed to get them ready for writing lessons.

The lessons and challenges are based on the National Curriculum learning goals, and so are perfect practice for children that will improve their work in school.

Every week, all children receive special lessons, based on their age, and on topics that will help them to develop their writing skills. The lessons cover all forms of writing, from poetry and letter-writing to adventure stories and reports.

Personalised feedback from a team of tutors

Night Zookeeper’s team of tutors provide feedback on all the writing that children produce. This may be simply identifying spelling and punctuation mistakes, asking follow up questions, or showing other ways that they could improve their writing. The tutors always provide positive encouragement.

As they complete more and more challenges and lessons, children can unlock new, exciting areas of the Night Zoo, and customise their Night Zoo characters.

Featured in storybooks or a TV Show

Children are always encouraged to produce their best drawings and writing, as their work could be published in their storybooks, feature in special card games, or even end up in the animated Night Zookeeper TV series.

Every child that joins is entering a global community of creative and caring young people that read and write encouraging comments on each other’s stories.

All writing and comments are moderated by real tutors, so it is a completely safe environment for children to share their work with children in over 40 countries.

Start a Free Trial

Parents can start a 7 day trial for FREE and then subscribe either monthly, quarterly or annually to single child or family subscriptions.

Due to the current circumstances, they have also extended a special 52% discount on annual subscriptions. All you have to do is start your 7 day free trial from here.

All their offline resources are also now completely free for parents to download


If you have further questions and would like to get in touch with the Night Zookeeper team, please email [email protected]