Maggie & Rose – Open Day Alert!

On Wednesday the 1st of May, we’re opening our doors to the families of Kensington and beyond, and would love to show you around! 

Join us for a guided tour of our super-cool family spaces, check out the nursery, get cosy in the cinema snug and explore the energy busting soft play! And to top it off, we’ll be hosting a bit of a party, with drinks and nibbles into the evening. 

Haven’t heard of us?

Maggie & Rose Kensington is a Family Members’ club and nursery. We provide a creative environment for your little ones to learn through play and we’re the ultimate family destination for the whole family to hang out in together. We’ve got classes, camps, parties, family dining spaces, member events and much more!


All Maggie & Rosers spend their days learning through play in our awesome tailor made classes. With over twelve years experience running learn through play based fun, our awesome activities set us apart from the crowd! Our learning method gets little ones inspired, confident and grasping important life skills from an early age, and all in preparation for going on to big school!

We don’t believe children should be in institutionalised learning environments at such a young age, so we don’t have classrooms, we have a village green, treehouses, wonky buses and studio spaces to utilise for activities, much more fun, much more memorable! Our little ones have a dynamic daily routine, moving around the building, playing and discovering along the way.


Maggie & Rose is all about eating together as a family and having the most awesome of times doing so! We love simple, easy dishes that both you and your little ones will love, even the fussiest of eaters. Nothing beats family meal time, so why not join us for breakfast, lunch or dinner? We can’t wait to EAT together.

At Maggie & Rose we believe in quality, which is why you’ll only find seasonal, healthy and freshly prepared menus. All of our ingredients are locally sourced, and psst … our food is always low in salt and refined sugar.


We are known for our super cool designs, all created by our awesome in house team. Our emphasis on super-cool design is family friendly and much loved by both grown-ups and kids alike; we used natural materials, muted colours (so as not to overstimulate little ones!), no plastic in sight and limited technology around- think no computer screens or tablets to distract the awesome minds of our mini-members; it’s all about getting creative instead!

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