New year, New you. Top tips for getting back into Shape

This week’s featured post is by Kensington trainer Lara Hassan, who is the founder of Spiral Body Studio and “body by lara” exercise method ; a health and fitness consultant and writer. She will be sharing with her her tops tips of getting back into shape after the holidays.

There are thousands of tips for getting back into shape after the holidays, some of them may include to “eat on schedule,” or “cut out carbs,” usually these tips will make you go to the gym for maybe half of January. With a busy mummy schedule the chances that you have time to spare is very unlikely.

How do we do it? What is the best way to ease back into fitness and get back in shape?

I encourage everyone to have a healthy mindset when it comes to exercise and nutrition. What you need is to get rid of bad habits and acquire new ones.

It is not about dieting and restricting yourself nor it is a punishment. It is about believing that it is a prerequisite for living a healthy life. You just need to put time aside for your workout.

Exercise keeps you strong young and helps you to live longer. Fact!

As a trainer and a believer in “we can make the change happen” I try to inspire people to be curious about their body and learn ways to preserve it. This includes Mums like you.

In order to start your fitness journey you have to get interested in your body. You have to ask yourself what kind of lifestyle you want to have? How do you want to live? Do you want to expand your limits and potential physically and mentally or do you want to limit your options?

When you are fit and healthy, you can run up the stairs, you can carry your children easily and you can do your daily life chores, which makes you feels accomplished.

The healthier you are, the more time you will have to enjoy intellect and brain, and that will make you a happier, more productive and focused.

A healthy diet is the foundation to get a healthy body and lifestyle. A balanced diet with sufficient nutrients contributes to your wellbeing, and it enhances your mood.

It is important to have a balanced diet rich with nutrients and antioxidants. Antioxidants help fight free radicals which causes skin ageing. A combination of a healthy diet and a fitness regime keeps you looking young and glowing.

I have a particular interest in exercise and anti ageing. Working with celebrities who need to feel and look good as part of their job inspired me to do a bit of research on exercise and anti-ageing. Body by lara was the outcome. My background is sports science, Classical Pilates, Rehab, Garuda, Gyrotonic and barre in addition to nutrition.

If you don’t have the habit of exercising, you can start by joining a group class or go to the gym with a friend. When you have company, it is easier to feel motivated and, making it more difficult for you to quit. You can also get a trainer who will help you to achieve your goals faster.


When it comes to the body one shouldn’t delay working out and taking care. A healthy mind can only live in a healthy body. Exercise is an investment you put towards your future. It is the only way to stay young, energetic and live a pain free life.

*Featured post by Lara Hassan, for more information or follow her on Instagram @BodybyLara