Everyone wants to make sure the kids in their life learn as many important life skills as they can in order to get ahead while also having fun.

Though things like cleaning, cooking, financial responsibility and other traditional skills are always important, there are some other things that are great to look into in the modern age.

To make sure your kids are ready for 2019 and all the years to come, here are a few fun and useful skills that you both will enjoy!

Photo, Video and Sound Editing

One thing that is fun, exciting and potentially useful for a wide range of both full-time careers and freelance jobs is editing.

Whether your child has an interest in music, photography or videography, editing is something that will help them a great deal in the years to come and also paves the way for a lot of fun project ideas.

Just like children started learning how to type at young ages when personal computers became almost a guarantee in most households, now there are plenty of apps and programs designed specifically for kids to learn how to edit photos, videos, audio and more.

By helping your child learn the basics of editing whatever interests them, you are making a great stepping stone for more common and complex editing softwares by the time they reach middle and high school.


Something immensely useful for the current and upcoming global economic climate is entrepreneurialism.

There are ways to introduce your child to the concept early on, even if they aren’t running businesses by the age of ten!

There are small ways that you can help your child’s mind think in terms of business and creativity early on, such as selling arts and crafts or bake sales.

It is important, however, to really make sure you are working with your child’s own creativity. If they are simply following through with ideas you present to them, they are more learning how to be a worker (which is a different skill entirely) than how to be entrepreneurial.

A good way to do this is to figure out your child’s interests and work with them to see how they could make it into something that makes money. You can reward this creativity, problem-solving and hard work by taking them to spend their earnings or teach them how to save up for more expensive items.

This is also a great way to incorporate more traditional financial lessons for your child, so you can really promote numerous positive characteristics with this one general area!


Much like editing, coding may seem like a skill that is a little advanced for younger kids to start learning, but early elementary school is actually the perfect time!

Coding is basically a language, and like traditional languages, children are actually able to pick up on it much more quickly and effectively.

Coding opens up a world of opportunity and promotes a great deal of positive skill sets for your child. Not only will they be prepared for an extremely lucrative career field in their future, they also develop numerous traits that they can use in all areas of life.

Aside from the obvious mathematical and computer science skills, coding also promotes creativity, problem-solving, communication, teamwork, discipline and so much more.

The project-based nature of coding lets kids take charge of their own tasks and make the final product something they personally decided upon. It’s a great way to teach responsibility through a skill that will also prove incredibly useful in today’s atmosphere.

David Dodge, CEO of the kid’s coding company Codakid, stresses coding as a skill specifically important for young kids:

“Kids’ technology classes can no longer be limited to things like typing and Microsoft programs. Coding is knowledge that will applicable in virtually any field they decide to pursue later in life. Education, medicine, law, business. Pretty much all fields at this point in time incorporate coding, even if your child doesn’t go into computer science.”

In Summary

There are countless ways to help prepare the children in your life for their futures, and many of them can be just as fun as they are useful!

Skills like editing, entrepreneurialism and coding are incredibly useful in the modern age, and they’re a great deal of fun to learn, too!

Make 2019 the year to prepare your kids for 21st century academic, personal and professional environments.

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