New launch of Healthy Baby Food

Healthy baby food company ‘for aisha’ and national charity Heart Research UK join forces to help babies with heart conditions.

Heart Research UK and ‘for aisha’ are launching a new and exciting partnership to fund pioneering medical research for children with heart conditions.

Both organisations share a common goal of ensuring babies have the best start in life with a healthy and nutritionally balanced diet. They are working together to not only raise money, but to support families to make well informed choices at a time when the spotlight on childhood obesity is at its most prominent.

‘for aisha’ meals are packed with vitamins and nutrients to give babies and toddlers the best start in life. They introduce young palates to new exotic flavours and ingredients such as pulses, herbs and gentle spices and their meals are also dairy free.

‘for aisha’ believe that broadening little ones’ taste repertoires at the infant weaning stage promotes healthy eating habits as children grow.

The partnership will raise funds through the sale of ‘for aisha’s’ 100% natural baby and toddler food, committing to a 10% donation of their annual profits to Heart Research UK’s ‘Helping Little Hearts’ programme to spend on ground-breaking medical research for children with heart conditions.

Current ‘Helping Little Hearts’ projects being funded by Heart Research UK include:

  • developing a new 5-minute MRI scan for imaging the hearts of children with congenital heart disease to reduce cost and patient discomfort, and help doctors decide on the best treatments
  • growing life-like blood vessels to treat congenital heart disease which would grow with the child and remove the need for multiple traumatic operations as they get older.

Thanks to medical research, eight out of 10 babies born with a heart defect in the UK survive to adulthood. When Heart Research UK began over 50 years ago, most of these babies did not reach their first birthday.

Mark Salter, owner of ‘for aisha’, said: “We’re thrilled to support Heart Research UK. Our partnership is based on our shared values to help little ones and their hearts by giving them the very best start in life. Together we can work towards a healthier future for the next generation.”

Alexandra Preston, Head of Lifestyle at Heart Research UK, said: “We believe our partnerships with businesses need to offer impact and make a positive change to society. With the government’s commitment to halve childhood obesity by 2030, it made perfect sense for us to join forces with ‘for aisha’. We are both committed to providing babies with a healthy and nutritional start to their lives. This partnership will enable us to fund ground-breaking research while giving babies a great healthy introduction into the world of food.”

‘for aisha’ products are available in major retailers such as Asda, Ocado, Sainsbury’s and Tesco. ‘for Aisha’s’ baby food packaging will now feature Heart Research UK’s logo and messaging as part of this partnership, informing customers how their purchase can help raise money for Heart Research UK’s ‘Helping Little Hearts’ programme.

For more information, check their website.