It’s mama time! Thousands of magazines at the tips of your fingers

We all like a bit of me time. So we are happy to announce that Readly is kindly giving Kensington Mums a special 3 for 1 offer: sign up and only pay £7.99 for 3 months (save £15.98). Now thats a good deal.

Long gone are the days when holidays meant chilling on a sun lounger with a magazine. With two active kids on the go I barely get the time to sit down, never mind opening the only magazine I grabbed at the airport. But once the name tags are all sew and kids are ushered out of the door, oh yes! This feels more like a holiday! And the better part is, this September I didn’t even need to bring back that magazine copy after all as I just discovered Readly.

I wasn’t really sure I got it right when one of the mums at the gate mentioned it ‘3200 magazines all on your phone/tablet’. And so I downloaded the app on my phone and for only £7.99 a month, not only I have 3,200 magazines, but the back issues as well. I almost don’t know where to start (of course, the celebrity gossip, we all know that!).

My morning coffee and commute to work have never been better. From a spot of gossip – Hello! – to my favourite fashion reads – can’t even remember the last time I manage to flick through Vogue! – I even managed to bookmark a recipe I want to try at the weekend. Oh yes, no more ripped magazine’s pages in my cookbooks, now they are all nitely saved in my bookmarks list on my tablet.

I definitely can’t get through 3200 magazines on my own, but one (of the many) good part is that I can create up to 5 profiles for family members. So the husband can check the latest issue of Esquire while the kids can read their favourite comic or I might even temp them to the Kids edition of National Geographic. And the kids profiles can have parental control set up – took me literally seconds!

This September I can honestly say that I rediscovered the pleasure of reading a magazine and getting excited about old and new hobbies. There are so many publications on Readly that it’s impossible not to find something you are interested too. Including all back issues, it’s like having the biggest library in an app, fully accessible under your monthly subscription fee. And the library is multilingual too. Currently Readly has magazines in English, Swedish and German, but other countries are quickly joining in and – YES! – your membership is not limited to one country so you can enjoy reading in all these languages too, Bitte schön 🙂

I just wish Readly existed when I was stuck on the sofa feeding a baby when my eldest was born!

To find out more about Readly and claim your special Kensington Mums offer go to:
(For new customers only, after 3 months, a £7.99 monthly subscription applies.)