Mums night out at the Natural History Museum ice skating rink

Another year has passed and we always visit the Natural History Museum as a yearly team tradition. This year our team is growing with some amazing and supportive team members.

We were booked for a Friday night at 7pm  skate session and got there for 6.30pm to queue for our skates. We got our skates and hats on and put our bags in the cloakroom (which you have to pay £1 for). One of the team members is expecting so she joined us afterwards. Located in the heart of South Kensington, the experience was mesmerising with sparkly lights at every corner.  The set up like every year is beautiful with a Christmas tree right in the middle of the ice rink. It was nice to be out, without the kids to just have fun.

We were also joined by mum of two and photographer from GoldFinch Photography who braved the cold and took some amazing shots of our unforgettable mums night out.

Enjoy browsing through the pictures and make sure you check it out during the holidays. In case you are stuck with what to do, check out our Christmas scoop listing.

Take time for yourself

We feel it is important to make some time to meet up with your friends, be it like minded mums, neighbours or cousins. It is a great way to reconnect with yourself, and most of all have fun. We often don’t put our needs first. There is always something or someone else that takes priority in our never-ending to-do list. As a result, we tend to disconnect from our own Self. Perhaps make this a new year resolution?

Thank you Natural history museum ice rink for inviting us again this year!