Mother and Daughter team Launch Luxury Vegan Beauty Brand

Started by NHS Nurse Cherry Francis as an emergency remedy for her daughter- Paula, luxury beauty brand SuperFoodLx specialises in premium blend beauty vitamins and superfood packed nutrient dense hair treatments.  Meet them on the 27th of November our second Family Christmas Fair 2016.

The idea for SuperFoodLx was born out of Paula living abroad and experiencing unusual hair loss and breakage which occurred even while she was using products labelled organic and natural. She contacted her mother and asked her to make
something for her hair like she used to when she was a young child. A few weeks later, a small pot of oil arrived in the post and after using it, within a few days Paula’s hair began to regain strength and shine. This sparked a journey for Paula to begin learning about what was actually in her products. She found that many of the ingredients in the product she was using were not natural at all with little, to no nutritional value. Many of the ingredients were actually serving to degrade the quality of hair while the packaging often contributed to the lower nutritional value over time.

All products are formulated by both Cherry and Paula and SuperFoodLx is the first vegan beauty and vitamin supplement brand to be both supported by The Prince’s Trust and receive an invitation for a private breakfast with David Cameron at No.10 Downing Street to celebrate the top 50 ‘Rising Star’ British businesses

All of the SuperFoodLx products are all cruelty free and made in England with all the vitamin supplements vegan, gluten free and haircare range are either vegan or vegetarian containing between 2 to 6 superfood ingredients. The range is uniquely packaged in UV protected amber for maximum vitamin density and freshness so that each product will always act like a ‘balanced meal’ for the hair, skin or nails.

SuperFoodLx’s mini arsenal of hair repair products include;

INTELLIGENCE is a decadent leave in wash out hair conditioner which works to
restore your hair and scalp’s inherent ‘INTELLIGENCE’. It accomplishes this by;
its versatile usability as it can be used on both wet or dry hair, it also
serves all ethnicities and is packed with a clever choice of plant seed oils
selected carefully for their nutrient composition.

ILLUMINISM – A pomegranate seed oil pomade which is perfect for mens grooming
and for afro and mixed race hair. A rich selection of superfood seed oils,
vitamin E and stimulating peppermint and rosemary essential oil.

BAMBOO SILICA & BIOTIN – A beauty supplement with a difference. Bamboo Silica
and Biotin maintains

1. healthy hair skin and nails and prevents severe dry skin
and adult acne.
2. Prevents cognitive decline and sharpens memory.
3. Maintains correct working of the cardiovascular system which can be affected
by stress.
4. Supports metabolism, adrenal and thyroid function to aid healthy weight loss
and those with mood imbalances such as stress, depression and trouble sleeping.

KELP & SPIRULINA Hair Skin and Nails – For those wanting a chlorophyll powered
detox and a reliable routine to establish improved; hair, skin and nail quality.
Several testimonies have been recorded from users showing; improved hair growth
from those suffering from post natal hair loss, improved hair growth after
stress induced hair loss, accelerated nail growth and increased nail strength
and the list goes on.

SuperFoodLx is available online and from The Prince’s Trust
Tomorrow’s Store, Eldon Street EC2