More Mum Fitness Real Talk!

We get to the end of January and realise that that shiny new gym membership has only been pulled out of the purse once; that sadly the spanking new “active wear” we drooled over and promised ourselves would motivate us to get moving more has been worn really only for the school run and the grocery shopping.

Dry January, Veganuary, Austerity January, whatever way you decided to start the new year you’ve either fallen by the wayside halfway through or ( and this is essentially the same result ) a January concession to fitness and health has faded to black when the 1st of February rolls by meaning that you’ve essentially given up right? Well ( get your banners girls because I’m about the start the rally cry ) NO IT DOESN’T! I am unfailingly positive and annoyingly so for most of my friends and especially for my clients but I believe this is a lesson to take forward that will motivate you and set you in good stead for the rest of the year in creating your healthiest and fittest yet! ( there, exclamation marks, told you I was annoyingly positive ).

So how can this be?

its very simple: the same way you get a one month trial to Netflix, or a guarantee on a new purchase so that if it breaks down within its guarantee limit you take it back, so this January has taught you what doesn’t work . You do know what this means? It means you are now free to cross that one off your list of possibles and get down to the serious business of finding a good fit for your own health and fitness journey.

There is absolutely no way that the method or training club or food fad that worked for your friend at the school gates or by the water cooler will work for you and that’s because of the most obvious thing you can think of: we are all different. We know this inherently and yet somehow it is so easy to forget this when it comes to reaching some physical goal that we have set for ourselves by a comparative that is basically impossible to attain without tweaking it to our own physicality.

So look behind you at January and say “thank you “ and turn forward to how you are going to take this going forward. The fun part is now about to start. You get to find out what works for you. This seems so intimidating to some people. There is so much choice, there are so many fitness options, new fads, apps, clubs, eating options and being in London means we are at the hub of the inception and genesis of all of them ( not even joking ).

Where will you start with your mindset?

You start by changing the way you perceive starting a fitness journey. It’s not a punishment! It’s not a goodbye to your old lifestyle! and it definitely doesn’t have to be a major drain on your wallet. There is infinite choice out there and I like to think of it as a particularly enticing Patisserie where you can’t decide which delicious morsel you want to try first.

The good news? I fancy having an adventure trying them all and letting you know which “new” or “tried and tested “ ones are worth it so you don’t waste time searching for your fit. In return I’d like a favour. Carry on your good intentions by making better choices, choosing a healthier lunch, taking the stairs, walking the kids to school, that kind of thing. Dust off the activewear because I’m coming to get you.


Mom Fitness Hacks Janet Gaiao

Janet Gaiao is a fitness and healthy lifestyle coach who specialises in helping busy moms reach their goals.  She has embraced a semi nomadic lifestyle living between London ,Athens and Bansko with her husband and two youngest children but dreams of living somewhere further afield , preferably somewhere on a beach , with wall to wall room service and a nanny on speed dial .