Mini Professionals Dance Academy in Kensington

We are so excited to announce that a new dance school will open a branch in Kensington!

Their classes will run from Kensington Primary Academy with the taster class being held on the 11th of December from 6-7pm. Their first class will be a Modern Dance Class for ages 7-13. To book a free trial, email them today at [email protected] as places are limited.

Mini Professionals was set up 4 years ago by a teacher who believed that creating a healthy, warm and nourishing environment for a child is the key to success. And it is now an established dance school based in 20+ locations throughout Southern England. At Mini Professionals you will find teachers encouraging, passionate and eager to share their knowledge of dance with the younger generation. They strongly believe that one weekly dance class can benefit a child’s confidence, mental health, and coordination.

Mini Professionals Dance Academy host an annual awards ceremony, where each and every student will receive an award, a certificate, and the opportunity to perform on a stage in front of their friends and family. Bonus awards are also handed out as special recognition, and they believe that every student should be recognised for their hard work and ensure that all of our students walk away with an award. They also have a fantastic annual Christmas disco with a professional DJ, lots of snacks, and a gift from MPDA to each and every student.

Mini Professionals Dance Academy have a modern day approach to the wonderful and historic teachings of dance and teach numerous dance styles. These include: Jazz, Modern, Contemporary, Commercial, Hiphop, Funk, Musical Theatre, Acrobatics, Gymnastics, Ballet and Lyrical.

As well as children and teen dance classes, Mini Professionals offer corporate dance and fitness sessions, children dance parties, wedding choreography, adult dance classes, individual dance sessions, dance camps, dance workshops and dance for toddlers.

Kensington London branch will be taught by Miss Elena. Miss Elena has recently graduated from BIRD college, London, and has recently appeared in the new Mamma Mia movie! A real asset to Mini Professionals Dance Academy and a delight to have as part of the team.

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