Little Dish New ‘Go Gos’

As a mum, I worry about my children’s diet and since introducing sweet things to my son I now often struggle to balance his sugar intake. I have a sweet tooth myself and often find myself having a cookie after a meal or something sweet mid morning or afternoon and find it tough to say ‘NO’ to my child when I myself feel the need to satisfy my craving. When he was first introduced to sweets, he couldn’t resist chocolate and threw major tantrums when I wouldn’t let him have some. As he grows, he doesn’t seem to be bothered about chocolate but has a sweet tooth for candy, ALL CANDY! Candy is his first request when he wakes up in the morning and it continues all daaaaay looooooong.

I would personally like to thank Little Dish for creating the New Go Gos, delicious round shaped mini oat biscuits made with wholegrain oats, flax and chia seeds and protein which have been studied and developed by Little Dish and their trusted nutritionist. The ingredients in the biscuits are purposely put together to help deliver slow release energy and nourishment to your little one.

GOGO Single Flavour Vanilla Landscape

‘Each little bag of Go Gos provides a source of fibre and 3g of protein, which is important for the growth of healthy muscles and bones. And they’re made from a wheat and dairy-free recipe*.  That’s what we call Good Energy.’

Mini Go Gos come in three different flavours and my son loves all three. The raspberry Go Gos, to which they add a sprinkle of raspberry pieces to give a burst of naturally sweet, fruity flavour. The ginger Go God to which they add a pinch of ground ginger fiving it a lovely subtle, warming flavour and finally the Vanilla Go Gos blended with vanilla extract to give a delicate and creamy flavour.

The mini Go Gos come in small bags which are perfect size to add to a packed lunch for nursery or as a snack to take to the park. I also like to mix the three different flavours and serve them on a plate for children during a playdate at home.

I think Little Dish have found the perfect size bags and perfect portion for toddlers to be able to help themselves without mums having to worry they are having too much or will make a mess with. These are also great for picnics in the park this Summer as well as snacks when travelling with little ones.

Ive tried and had healthy bisuits before but none of them were really tasty like these. My son now sees these as his treat for the day, which has kept him away from chocolate and candy and spared me daily tantrums. And yes, I’ve tried them and love them too which is why we run out of them incredibly quickly every time but please don’t tell my son.

With these yummy biscuits I was also given Little Dish coulour-in table cloth (which was posted on our Instagram account) which I found both educational and fun for my son.


The cloth has pictures of all types of ingredients from fruits, vegetables and other foods to kitchen utensils which we have enjoyed playing ‘guess what this is’ as a family making dinner time that little bit more exciting. Thank you to Little Dish for treating us to these delicious snacks.

*Go Gos have been made in a kitchen that uses wheat and milk for other recipes, so there is always a chance they may contain traces of wheat or milk.
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