It’s an exciting first at Kensington Palace, as the Lindt Gold Bunny comes to visit this Easter! Hop along with the whole family to Kensington Palace from 6 to 22 April to discover yummy hidden treasure in the form of a Lindt Gold Bunny. Offering little ones the chance to become intrepid explorers and embark on a chocolatey adventure, the hunt will take visitors on a voyage of discovery around the palace and gardens. Better yet, all those who successfully complete the trail will be rewarded with a delicious prize! It’s the perfect way to entertain the family during the school holidays, and it’s all included in the cost of palace admission.

Saturday April 6th was the perfect day to attend the first day of the Lindt Gold Bunny Hunt at Kensington Palace. Kensington Mums went as a family and enjoyed the grandiose Kensington Palace which is included when you purchase the ticket. When you get your tickets don’t forget to ask for the Lindt Gold Bunny Hunt trail map. Then you are ready to start your sweet adventure!

We decided to take the tour of the Palace and were delighted to listen to the very knowledgeable members of staff telling all the fascinating stories of everyone who lived there which really take you back in time. Note: check the times for the guided tours.

Whilst you are attending the guided tour you are able to find some clues that you need to capture and answer all the questions on your trail map. You need to look out for the golden bunny statues that are hidden around the place and gardens, because next to the bunnies are the clues you need to complete. There are 11 clues you need to get in order to then claim you delicious sweet reward – a Lindt chocolate bunny!

It is indeed a fantastic way to learn about the past and discover famous characters that mark Britain’s history. The hunt can be easily completed in c. 1 hour and half but you can stay as long as you wish since there is so much more to do as well. Such as dressing up in a traditional Georgian costume and trying out the ‘latest’ court fashions. The members of staff are there to take pictures of you and assist you with the whole outfit. A must do with the whole family to keep as a funny souvenir so you can then say you were once dressed as the royal family.

Check the times as you can meet King William III and learn about the important work of state he did at the Kensington Palace. We met him and asked him a lot of questions – I recommend to do as well!

Learn some royal etiquette techniques as how to bow to the throne. Someone is there to test your learnt knowledge and give you advise if your bow is not up to the royal standards 😉

We then headed out to the gardens to find our last clues and there you and your family can enjoy lawn games such as coits and croquet.

Join in the Lindt Gold Bunny Hunt at Kensington Palace this Easter

Lindt Gold Bunny Hunt
6 – 22 April

Schedule of activities
Meet the King
11:15, 12:15, 14:15, 15:15 and 16:15
Meet King William III – who commissioned the building of Kensington Palace -as he shares the trials, tribulations and triumphs of being a king.

Dress-up as a Georgian Courtier
10:30 – 17:00
Try on the latest lavish court fashions and pose for a Georgian inspired family portrait in his drop-in session.

Garden Games
10:30 – 17:00
Compete at coits, croquet and other genteel outdoor games with guidance from Queen Victoria’s childhood governess, Baroness Lehzen.
All included in Kensington Palace admission. Free for Historic Royal Palaces


Adult £17.50
Child age 5-15 £8.70
Full time student £13.90
Family saver 1 – 1 adult and up to 3 children £32.50
Family saver 2 – 2 adults and up to 3 children £43.90


Check their website for more information.