Legoland Windsor Resort

Kensington Mums and kids were excited about a fun day out at Legoland Windsor during the Summer holidays. We had been before when our little ones were a bit younger and looked forward to experience it again few years later (you can read our last review here). This time round,  we were a group of  3 Mums and 6 children with ages ranging from 5 to 9 years old. It was a perfect family day out for budding builders and explorers for all ages.


Kensington Mums Day out to Legoland Windsor Resort

Since Legoland has parking, we took the car and drove from London early in the morning to make sure we made the most of all the fun Legoland has to offer.

Before our trip, we ordered our  Q-Bot Regular online (a service to help you reserve your rides from any location at Legoland and reducing your time of queueing – *regular, express & ultimate options available starting at £20). It was the first time we “invested” in something like this and were so glad we did. We opted for the ‘regular’ Q-Bot. With a choice of 20 attractions, this user friendly ‘gadget’ made our trip even more enjoyable helping us know exactly when to turn up for our selected attractions and giving us more time to enjoy & explore other parts of the resorts in-between rides.

Kensington Mums Top Tip: If you are planning on going to Legoland Windsor, book your tickets online including the Q-Bot and any other additional services to avoid the long queue to purchase tickets at the door.

Q Bot regular

Upon arrival the children were also given wrist bands which we used to write our contact details on in case they got lost. We found this to be a great idea helping us mums relax a little knowing that the kids would be safe if we lost sight of one another.  We also made sure we explained to the older children what to do in case they got lost, giving them meeting points. We believe this to be the best way instead of wondering around the resort looking for us, their siblings or friends. This is very important as in busy peak time, kids can easily get lost and walking around looking for familiar faces can often cause more stress both to the child or parent.

Another Kensington Mums Top Tip is to research about legoland and the rides before you arrive on the day. All details and information can be found on their  online mapThis will help you plan your day a bit better as some of the rides have height restrictions so worth checking this early on to avoid disappointment.

We also recommend packing  some snacks for the kids in advance. On a hot day water is always a MUST. We also took fruits, raisins, and nuts and were ready for a FUN TIME!!!! (More on where to eat later)!

The day before our trip, the weather forecast didn’t look great with rain predicted for the day. However, this didn’t change much, we packed our jacket and with our positive energy and the kids excitement we knew we were in for lots of fun and wet rides.  Funnily enough, Legoland is equipped for all conditions. We were amazed by heating machines that dry you and your clothes up after wet rides. It was perfect after our visit at the  Vikings Splash Resort ride. We were soaked and then dry in no time!

The queues turned out to be not too long and the Q-Bot was great as we got to save time on rides and got to go on many more rides than we had expected.

Below are the rides we managed to do throughout the way were using our Q-bot.

LEGO® Star Wars™ Miniland Model Display & Gallery. This was mostly enjoyed by the older kids who are Star Wars Fans. As we walked through to a galaxy killed with Star Wars Mainland Model Display. What was great to know and for the kids as well is that it took almost 8,000 man hours and over 1.5 million bricks to create the 1,500 models in the LEGO® Star Wars™ Miniland Model Display.

Land of the Vikings- Vikings’ River Splash. This has a height restrictions which meant not all kids could go on it. It was indeed  a thrilling adventure on the Vikings’ River Splash, we had a great laugh and left all soaked wet.

Knight Kingdom- The Dragon’ s  Apprentice As I really get sick very quickly this was not my favourite but definitely for the little ones. This mini roller coaster offered plenty of thrills and spills. Kids under 1.3m must be accompanied by an adult.

Fairy Tale Brook. Compared to the Dragon’s Apprentice this was a gentle boat trip for all the group. We got to see Little Red Riding Hood and all other fairy tale favourites.

Lego City – L-Drivers. This was more suitable for the younger kids aged 3-5 years old. First they watched a video on road safety and then got to drive electric cards around  realistic course. The little ones were ecstatic to be driving like Mummy and Daddy and best of all they even earned their very own LEGOLAND driving licence.  Everyone was happy.

LEGO® City Driving School. This was great for the older kids in the group aged 6 years plus.  After watching a road safety video, they got to drive electric cars around a realistic course encountering traffic lights, roundabouts and other drivers. It was an experience come true. At the end, they all earn their very own LEGOLAND Driving Licence which meant no competition as everyone now had their own driving licence.

Duplo Valley Theatre Show– this was a very relaxing puppet show for the whole family to enjoy and for the Mums to actually sit down a bit. The kids were absorbed with the classic fairytales as they were told by LEGOLAND Windsor Story Teller, alongside  unique cast of Puppets.

The LEGO® 4D Movie Theatre, this was lots of fun as we put out 3D glasses on were exported to a larger than life sound, wind and for with lighting effects.

The LEGO® 4D Movie Theatre
From our Snapchat @KensingtonMums at the 4D Legoland Movie
From our Snapchat @KensingtonMums at the 4D Legoland Movie

Another  favourite from the group was the mini land city as we got to pin point and name the different London building and landmarks we could identify. We turned it into a fun game at the end which the group enjoyed doing and a good way to learn about London city!

As the weather didn’t really help, we didn’t get to try out the Drench Towers in Dupl0 Valley for the littlest tots in our party. We did pass by and it looked great. Definitely worth visiting on a non rainy day. It is the largest water play structure in the UK especially designed for maximum soaking. I am sure that even the older kids will love dodging the oversized tipping brick and whizzing down the splashtastic water slides. One of the Mums in the group, did pack swimsuit and towels in case the occasion arose during the day, so you need to come prepared with your belongings in case this is on your to do list. Looked like a lot of splashing fun!

Drench Towers at Duplo Valley


All the kids, loved going on wet rides including the Pirates Falls at Legoland Windsor Resort. This starts off as a leisurely boat rides and then slowly turns into a fast and steep ascent and the only way is down- with a big bang and a big splash. They have cameras taking your pictures as you go down the steep ascent. You get to view them at the end of the rides and buy them if you wish. Our faces were just priceless so we ended up buying one as a souvenir.

Pirates Falls at Legoland Windsor Resort

Friendly facilities and services

At each ride, there were staff members helping us get in & out of the seats and making sure we were buckled in safely for the rides. We found all staff to be friendly and kind to the children, especially when some were scared on some of the attractions. We came across baby care centre in Heartlake city area. We also noticed that restaurants can provide hot water to heat up baby food or bottles. At the entrance there are lockers in case you want to store something away and also pushchair hire is  available. What we liked the most is the Parent Swap which means one parent can ride with one child while the other waits, then switch without having to queue. This happened to us as one particular ride we had chosen only took one adult and one child at the time. This service is great as long as the child is ok to wait alone with a member of staff.

Where to eat?

More exciting stuff, food. As lunch time was approaching we noticed that a few families got their own picnics. Through the resort there are tables for them to sit and eat. There are also restaurants and cafe’s dotted all around the park. As the kids were hungry and we didn’t want to waste time going around the park, we ate at Pirate’s Burger Kitchen as we were there just after our ride on Pirate Falls Treasure Quest, so was suitable for all. The Kitchen offered a range of burgers which we all enjoyed and the restaurant inside was very spacious with lots of tables and chairs, and staff were there to assist you whenever needed.

Where to Shop?

If you fancy buying anything from Legoland, you will find the BIG Shop for the ultimate LEGO shopping experience!It is the UK’s largest one-stop shop for LEGO. From LEGO sets to LEGO watches, and even kids wear and funky fashion this really is the place to pick up all the LEGOLAND souvenirs you could ask for. We also came across other shops throughout the resort including LEGO Star Wars store, Atlantis sub store and Splash and Play store.

Legoland Hotel Resort 

The Ultimate Sleepover which we didn’t get to experience this time. We saw it while driving into Legoland Windsor Resort. This is off course optional to accompany your Legoland Holiday and make your trip with your little ones an unforgettable one.

Watch our short video on You Tube to see what we go up during our visit.



Testimonials from the Kensington Mums

“Legoland was great fun for the whole family. The rides were age appropriate for both my 5 year old and 8year old. Therefore both my children got to experience the rides. The restaurant had good food. The Qbot was a great investment in skipping the long queues. I would recommend Legoland to all my friends”.

“My kids always look forward for our trip to Legoland. They each chose the rides they most wanted to get on. Q-bot was a relief from having to stand in the queues for a long time. My five year old loved the fairy tale brook, recognising the different characters. And my 9 year old particularly enjoyed the thrills of the dragon ride. As for me, I especially enjoy the mini land looking at the different miniature European cities beautifully build out of Lego. Legoland is a must every summer ;)”

“We love coming to Legoland, this was the second time with the kids. There is always something for them do to and for the whole family to enjoy. This time we tried the new Lego 4D Movie Theatre, A New Adventure and as always the thrilling and wet adventures which we all got to enjoy. My 5 year old enjoyed the meet and greet of Legoland Characters while my 9 year old enjoyed the adventure rides and all the slush drinks that were around. This was fun day for the Mums too as we got to enjoy it all together with our little ones, making the day that bit more exciting. I would definitely recommend it to other Kensington Mums, just come prepared for all sorts of fun and excitement”.


Testimonials from the Kensington Kids

” I was so excited to go to Legoland, to the point where I was counting the days to go there. I remember going there before but I was very young so was looking forwards in trying out some new rides. My two favourite were Knight Kingdom, The Dragon as it had many twists and turns and we even got wet which was amazing! The second favourite, was the Pirate Falls Treasure Quest because it was a boat ride, with animated pirates and creatures , the best bit was the steep ascent with the big bang! Mum got us the picture as a souvenir; our faces are so funny, as we all got soaked wet.  I also liked Star Wars as I am a big fan. It was amazing to see all the Characters made out of lego! My favourite was Darth Vader.”

“I loved Legoland and to see everything made out of Lego was a like a dream come true!”

“Can I come here every year?”

“I loved coming back to Legoland as I really wanted to do the Viking River Splash and Pirate Falls. Love a bit of adventure, and thrilling rides”.


Thank you to all members of staff at Legoland for a fun & memorable day out!