Kensington Mum’s Top 10 – Back to School Essentials

The new school year will be starting in a couple of weeks of time, Kensington Mums have got together a top 10 of a few of our favourite school essentials.

  1. The Leather Satchel Company – Buying British has never been more popular and here we have British made satchels based on the traditional style of Oxford and Cambridge schools make perfect school bags that will last for years.   Made from heavy equestrian leather in a variety of sizes, styles and colours, it’s almost impossible to choose a favourite!  Leather Satchel Company satchels have graced the pages of Vogue, Look, Elle, Grazia and in men’s magazine GQ. Their satchel designs have been seen completing wardrobes for celebrities like Alexa Chung, Dakota Fanning and Zooey Deschanel.   

        2. Yum Box – This multi award winning lunch box often features in top ten school lunch boxes and we can see why.  It comes in two designs the Classic and Panino in a variety of bright colours and designs.  Each one comes with a leak proof lid which seals all the compartments within the lunchbox, meaning you can put yoghurt next to your carrot sticks and the two don’t meet!  The Panini has a removable tray which is divided into five portions for each food group helping to pack a healthy and balanced lunch and the Yumbox has two trays. 

        3. Stuck on You – We have featured Stuck on You on our website (which includes a special offer £10 off exclusive  for Kensington Mums, get yours here using code KENSINGTON10 ) but love how useful the stickers are, so sharing here as well.  Most children, especially primary school age come home from school missing something, Stuck on You have created stickers, that can be personalised, for just about everything    

       4. Paperchase – A shop normally known for its paper products and stationary is where we are turning to for what we think is a very cool looking lunch set “All Change” 

       5. Wilko – This store has a great range at fantastic value for all school needs from little ones to high schooler, a great place to get everything you need in one go, without breaking the bank and lots of fun crafts things too! 

       6. Organised Mum – We absolutely love this.  This package comprises of a 2016/2017 family life book which has columns for seven people, making it perfect to keep track of everything going on in busy lives. It comes in a choice of four gorgeous colours and a sparking Swarovski pencil. 

        7. SPLASH – We are always been told to drink more water and it’s especially important for children as it helps with their concentration throughout the school day.  These are great  water bottles that can clip on to school bags, fit into lunch boxes and can roll up when empty, they can go in the freezer to help keep beverages cold, and better still, they can be washed in the dishwasher. These SPLASH kids quenchers come with a pack of stickers for personalisation fun! 

        8.Etsy – Pokémon Go is the new Marmite, you ever love it or hate it.  If you have a little one who is a fan (and you have no phone battery as a result) this personalised pencil case in the Pokémon Go team colours is a perfect choice.  This unique pencil case is made to order via Etsy is a must for Pokémon Go fans.  

       9. Marks & Spencer’s – It’s not easy to select one company for school uniform shopping, as  you can pick up pretty good quality (grows out before wears out) school uniform in most supermarkets. We went with M&S, it has always been a fantastic one stop school shop with a variety of styles to fit all shapes of children.  What has made M&S stand out is their new easy dressing school uniform which has been designed alongside the National Autistic Society. Their boys’ school shirts have a soft Velcro strip hidden behind buttons, perfect for any child, especially the very young ones, that struggle and get frustrated with tiny buttons.  10% of sales go towards the charity.   

10. Travel Mug by Bodum – Some may query why a travel mug is on the list, but Coffee, in the morning is an essential part of our school run (it’s an essential part to most mornings really) and this fantastic stylish travel mug by Boden comes highly recommended for keeping drinks warm and not leaking.