Lake District – Travel Review

There is a lot of beautiful places to visit in the UK and there are always some good opportunities to look for new family adventures.

Since we moved to London, lot of friends told us about how beautiful Lake District was, but nothing compares with seeing it by our self. It is a magic place, where you really feel inside an enchanted tale. Wherever you go, you have incredible views, surrounded by garnished landscapes with incredible lakes and many cute animals that make it even more beautiful.

It is a very family oriented destination and highly recommended to go with children as a weekend getaway.

How to get there?

We went by train, from London Euston station to Oxenholme station. The average time of the trip is 3 hours, varying half an hour depending on the stops of the train.
Once you arrive, from Oxenholme station you can rent a car there or take a bus that leaves you in the city center.

Going by car from London is another good option, it will take about 5 hours driving.

Where to stay?

There are a lot of hotels, lodges or apartments to book at Lake District. We decided for Woodlands Hotel & Pine Lodges, a beautiful secluded setting in the heart of a five-acre wood. Is a very nice and superbly situated hotel, close to the Windermere Lake, with great service, fabulous accommodation and delicious food.
We stayed in a complete, comfortable and well equipped cabin, with sauna and Jacuzzi that made our stay perfect and relaxed.

What to do?

There are so many places to visit in Lake District, as we went just for the weekend we had to select some.

Wray Castle

Our favourite attraction to do with kids was Wray Castle, a veritable castle plenty of rooms, towers, period dressing-up, castle building room and story-telling spaces-; perfect for a wet day in the Lakes. There is a big area with soft play and an amazing Peter Rabbit zone with lot of fun activities.

Aira Force

Probably the most famous of the Lake District waterfalls, Aira Force provides a glimpse of amazing waterfalls.
Despite having been one of the best experiences, it is not a child friendly activity for being a long walk hiking (about 2 hours) in a rocky ground.

Fell Foot wood

A primarily area of woodland with an enchanting ambience, perfect for walking and picnics while enjoying privileged views.


Lakes Aquarium

Situated on the southern short of Windermere, there is a large pay and display car park adjacent to the Aquarium. There are lots of interesting species feature including otters, sharks, rays, diving ducks and marmoset monkeys.


Windermere Lake Cruises will transport you amongst the grandeur of spectacular mountain scenery, and alongside the intrigue of the many small islands and secluded bays. Cruises vary in length from 45 minutes to 3 hours.

Lunch at Boat Club

A family friendly club where relaxation while having good food is a great choice. This is truly a stunningly beautiful setting with views from the club of the lake and surrounding fells. They also offer sailing or motor boating for those who are looking for water adventure.

Travel Tips

Rent a car

Commuting does not work well, therefore it is necessary to have or rent a car to visit the attractions.

No buggies needed

Most areas are surrounded by fields and lakes, without many suitable surfaces for buggies. Most places can be done by walking, driving or sailing.
A good option is you have a baby is to take a baby carrier.

Comfortable clothes

You will need comfortable and cosy clothes for walking and hiking. Bring umbrellas since it rains frequently.