Kensington Mums Review: Maclaren BMW buggy

A collaboration of form and functionality: New Launch of BMW Maclaren buggy exclusive at Harrods until the end of February 2013.

Kensington Mums was invited to be among the first to test drive the new BMW Maclaren buggy. First impression made is of the beemer branding buggy is its masculine distinctive features. This must be great for hands on dads and big fans of BMW!

Maclaren have previously partnered with other companies such as Burberry, Juicy Couture, Kate Space and Dylan’s Candy Bar. This is the first time they have teamed up with a car company, a collaboration of Maclaren’s baby buggy expertise with beemer’s distinctive design to release the first of its kind, a limited edition Maclaren BMW Buggy.


Here are the key specs:

– Suitable from 6 months+

– Multiple position recline

– Custom BMW insignia buckle

– BMW interior-inspired removable seat liner.

– Rear reflectors and authentic BMW inspired wheels

– Lightweight (weighing 5.7 kg without accessories)

– Available in three colours: Black, Silver and Blue and comes with practical accessories including a rain cover and shopping basket.

– BMW accessories are also available and sold separately.

– RRP £285.00

And here’s what we like about it:

– It has a nice sleek new look

– The handles are comfortable

Added luxury for little ones. My favourite, is the BMW interior-inspired removable seat liner. This actually looks very much like the inside of a beemer car and the added padding give the child a more comfortable and safe ride.

Added luxury for parents/carers: accessories such as the Universal Insulated Pannier which clips nicely on the side of the buggy and keep milk insulated is great for family days out. If you need to fold the buggy for any reason, this can stay put on and won’t get in the way for storage. This is also great, if you are like me and always have your buggy tilting backward because you end up putting too much in your diaper bag!

– The breaks seem much more sturdy than current buggies

– The reflectors are an extra safety precaution

– I particularly liked the black park blanket. Its multi-functionality is great for family picnics in the park and can also be used as a blanket.

– The buggy is great to take away with you on holidays due to its lightweight properties

– I have always been a Maclaren fan after having bought many other buggy brands. They are very robust and stable and most of all safe for my little ones.


Go on and test drive the new BMW Maclaren buggy!

Disclosure: Kensington Mums was invited for the exclusive launch of Maclaren BMW buggy at Harrods. All post is 100% honest.