Kensington Mums reviews Lisa Franklin Signature Facial

Those who have been regular readers of our reviews would know how much we value a bit of pampering time and mummy time. While we juggle work, family, life and kids and spend time with loved ones we must also know the essential part of living a healthy, happy life, and we always stress the importance for mums to make time for themselves. It’s essential to make time to simply be “with yourself,” to give yourself love, in whatever way or form it may be.

For me to say the least, a bit of pampering always does the trick. So what better way then to be treated to a signature facial at Lisa Franklin private clinic. Amongst London’s fashionable shopping streets off Sloane Street, the entrance to Lisa Franklin’s Clinic Privé is discreet, perfect for VIP access. 

Upon arrival, I was welcomed by Lisa herself and her friendly team. I couldn’t help but notice the beautiful interior design of the studio, as if it was straight out of a glossy magazine. The decor was all in white, gold and silver with little touches to details, candles and flowers at every corner. The mood was very inviting and relaxing.

As I put my coat away, I was served a glass of water while completing a little questionnaire about my lifestyle and skincare routine. The service is a one to one personalised approach, in a sense I was the only client there so Lisa and her team were fully focused on me, and there was no rushing at all. I felt very relaxed and that was something I much needed.

A bit about Lisa herself. She is a renowned facialist and skincare expert who is very passionate about providing clients tailor-made treatments that combine traditional hands on techniques and technology with some of the most scientifically advanced products to deliver exceptional results. This is Lisa herself, just before we got started.

I had a one to one consultation with Lisa, going over my questionnaire and how my treatment would be tailored to both my current skin condition and overall concerns. Everything was so personalised and I liked that a lot. She went on to let me know that her skincare lines are developed by scientists, dermatologists, and leading industry professionals to deliver exceptional results. I couldn’t wait to get started. She also went over the signature facial and what it involves; blending luxurious pampering with technical expertise. The steps included traditional hands on techniques, such as cleansing, exfoliation, steaming, manual extraction and hydration.

I was given a few minutes to get ready and hop on the pre-heated bed, it was bliss and so cosy! Lisa made sure I put my phone away to switch off completely as this was “my time” (just after we took all the necessary pictures for the review).

Lisa started off by cleaning my face from make up and any impurities on my skin. I had a busy morning that day so really want to switch off an be drifted into another world of soft and delicate skin. Throughout my treatment, Lisa would be explaining to me what would come next and everything was individualised and products used to cater for my skin’s needs. 

As the treatment finished, I felt my skin refreshed and so soft that I didn’t want to leave. What do you think?

Thank you Lisa for pampering a much needed tiered and never switching off mama.

For more information on Lisa Franklin, please visit her website. and make sure you always make time for yourself. Its not selfish, its a necessity.