Join us for a Kensington Mums Live for International Women’s Day

Next Tuesday 6th March tune in to our Instagram account @KensingtonMums for #KensingtonMumsLive. I will be hosting a panel of London Mums live on Instagram, at 1pm to celebrate International Women’s Day 2018.

I will be talking to Maggie Bolger founder of @maggieandrose and Miriam Cooper founder of @mimis.bowl about the journey of starting their own business, whilst juggling motherhood. Join us for a behind the scenes view, as we discuss our experiences and top business tips. 
Submit any questions in a advance to  our Instagram @kensingtonmums and join the debate this Tuesday!

Meet the London Mums


Miriam is the founder of Mimi’s Bowl she cooks modern baby and toddler recipes, from her home in West London. Mum to one little girl, now 3 years old, and her mission is to end, what she calls “baby food panic”. Miriam posts and blogs daily about what they eat at home, via her Instagram feed; she is well worth a follow for fun, parent-friendly recipes and ideas. Miriam is an ex-Harrods womenswear buyer.  During her time as a buyer, cooking was not part of her everyday life; instead she was visiting brands, reviewing collections and travelling. After the birth of her daughter in 2014, Miriam rediscovered her love of home cooking, as she realised she wanted to make quick, healthy recipes for her and her daughter from scratch, but without the hassle. She began to share her modern approach to baby, toddler and family cooking; and so, Mimi’s Bowl was born.

I started Mimi’s Bowl because I was looking for another parent-voice, when I started weaning. So much of the literature out there was complicated and involved long lists of ingredients, that weren’t seasonal, often privileging sweet tastes from the outset. I am not promoting any products, ranges or cookbooks I am just a parent writing about what we eat at home and what works for us as a busy family, in the hope that it makes cooking for a family simpler for other parents like me

Top Business Tips

  • Don’t be scared to make a change and start a new venture, trust your instincts: since starting Mimi’s Bowl I haven’t looked back
  • Do what your passionate about and you’ll never work another day: this is so true I believe there really is a gap for a parent voice in babyhood literature with practical advise and well tested recipes!
  • Talk to your market and consumer: I constantly engage with other parents, they are always a source of honest feedback, inspiration and great ideas

CEO and co-founder, Maggie Bolger is the driving force that has turned Maggie & Rose from a one Kensington club into an international brand. What started out as a simple business idea – to provide a beautiful creative space for children in surroundings that appealed to grown-ups too – hatched between Maggie and her friend and fellow co-founder Rose Astor in 2006 has turned in a business on a global scale.

Mum to four children, Maggie’s driving force is a passion for building a creative and inspiring environment for families to flourish and enjoy. This has led Maggie to develop the Maggie & Rose Method of learning, a unique and visionary approach to development and education that is practiced across the group through their nurseries, holiday camps and in classes offered to members. Maggie’s incredible eye for detail and boundless imagination has ensured that the Clubs are visually inspiring from the ground up, leading to the distinctive Maggie & Rose style.


Maggie’s top tips:

  • Hire good people – It’s so important to have wonderful people around you that are passionate about your brand and care not just about the top line, but about all the granular details that make what you do truly special.
  • Ask for forgiveness not permission! – Give yourself permission to do what YOU want to do and if you made a bad call, ask for forgiveness, it’s better to fail and have done something, than to regret not having done anything at all!
  • Make it happen! – Don’t dwell, you’ll never get anything done, go with your gut, make it happen, and evaluate successes and improvements!


Tune into our Instagram account on Tuesday at 1pm.