Interview with Prep Headmaster Neil Brooks from Fulham Prep School



Fulham Prep School, one of London’s leading co-educational Pre-Prep and Prep Schools, announced this week that it will be opening a new independent co-educational senior school in West London in September 2017.


We asked Fulham Prep Headmaster Neil Brooks, formerly Deputy Principal of the Cothill Educational Trust and who will be Headmaster of Fulham Prep Senior School a few questions about the exciting announcement:


  1. Fulham Prep School recently announced its exciting plans to open a Senior School in South West London by September 2017. Can you tell us a bit about what FPS has planned for this new addition to the London education scene?


Fulham Prep Senior School will be a new co-educational offering for London, located within a specially adapted and refurbished facility in SW London.  The school will offer a holistic education, backed by a large global group of premier schools.


  1. Neil, as the current Headmaster of Fulham Prep School and who will be Headmaster of Fulham Prep Senior School what is your vision for the school? How will it stand-out in the competitive London independent school landscape?


The school will welcome children with a wide range of talents and abilities, rather than focusing purely on academic ability.  There will be themes of leadership, responsibility and global awareness in the school providing exciting opportunities for children to travel and explore different countries and cultures.  There will be an emphasis on life skills and contributing towards society, steering children to be responsible, compassionate leaders and influencers when they enter the world of work as adults. Pupils already attending the Fulham Prep School will have an opportunity to continue through to the Senior School without the anxieties of pre-testing aged 11.


  1. What do you feel is lacking currently within the Independent School offering in London?


At present entry to Independent Secondary schools in London seems to focus heavily on the academic ability of a child aged 11.  We feel that a genuinely balanced co-educational offering from Fulham Prep Senior School will fill a gap in providing a rounded and positive offering that focuses on character as well as a strong academic thread.

  1. Fulham Prep School is one of the leading Prep schools in London, feeding into elite-tier Secondary schools – will that change once Fulham Prep School has its own Senior school offering?


No, not at all. Schools provide a service to children and we have a moral responsibility in Prep schools to send children on to senior schools where they will thrive.  Fulham Prep School has a fantastic reputation for feeding children into elite-tier schools around the country and we will continue to do that.  There are so many factors, which feed into the choice of senior school and Fulham Prep Senior School will be another strong option for parents, with its own unique offering.


  1. What will the curriculum offering of Fulham Prep Senior School be?


The curriculum will provide an academic core that ensures we are preparing children, not for the world we live in now, but the world in 5 to 7 years’ time.  Academic subjects will be balanced alongside computer science, the arts and an enrichment programme of public speaking, sport, dance, drama, and life-skills.


  1. Will Fulham Prep pupils have preferential treatment for a place in the senior school?


Yes, Fulham Prep pupils will be assessed to place them in the correct set but will automatically be offered a place in the senior school.



  1. As Headmaster will you be responsible for the shaping of the Senior School offering?


Yes, as headmaster of all three schools I will be responsible, alongside specially appointed and experienced academic leads who will shape the senior educational programme.


  1. If you could describe a future Fulham Prep Senior School pupil in one sentence what would that be?


A future Fulham Prep Senior School pupil would be different and distinguishable from the one they’re standing next to, both would be confident (without being arrogant), polite and have a sense of responsibility and service; comfortable in their own skin – ready to make a difference in the world.


For more information on the school, please check website details.

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