How to save an incredible amount of time from your grocery shopping!

Save time! Convibo delivers the best supermarkets to your door in 1 hour. Have a personal shopper do the shopping for you from M&S, Whole Foods Market, Waitrose or Tesco!

Confession: I tried online grocery shopping and I am hooked! While I am new to this whole online grocery shopping thing, I cannot even think how I could handle the busy life without it. Working long hours and getting back home to my full-of-energy little devils, household related tasks – believe me – are the last thing I want to take care of. Supermarket visits seem like a heavy weightlifting session after completing a full marathon, it’s just too much! I was always thinking: “Wouldn’t it be fab to have a personal shopper?” But wait, this is where Convibo comes in and takes some weight off my shoulders by assigning my shopping list to a personal shopper – yes, that’s right, my own personal shopper!

Here’s how Convibo works: you log into  select the supermarket you like, add your groceries to the shopping basket and relax! A personal shopper then picks the freshest groceries and delivers everything to your doorstep with the kindest smile in just ONE HOUR! And they deliver from the best supermarkets as well. They have Marks & Spencer, Whole Foods Market, Waitrose and Tesco. This is simply divine, compared to the typical grocery shopping experience. So long endless checkout queues, forgetting products in my list and unnecessary impulse purchases. I can now skip the long rides to the supermarket and have some extra time to myself – I could actually finish that book!

You might probably think, isn’t this what most supermarkets do these days? Well, not really. Convibo has so many more perks. Just to list a few, it has a great selection of supermarkets and some do not even have an online presence yet such as M&S and Whole Foods Market, the shoppers call/text you for substitute options and you can even leave custom notes for specific requests. Besides the weekly grocery shopping, I find Convibo quite useful for my last minute grocery needs. How many times you wanted to cook something and there was this only one, but basic ingredient missing? They bring that to you in an hour and there is no minimum order value.

I feel the need to express my deepest gratitude to Convibo and the people behind it, who conceived the idea and work so hard to deliver this amazing customer experience, and I think I speak on behalf of all the crazy-busy mums, who, thanks to this, will have some more time on their hands.

Special Offer for Kensington Mums

- Use code KMUMS at checkout for £7 off your first order

- One-hour delivery

- No minimum order

- £4.99 delivery fee

– Convibo currently delivers to the following postcodes:
W10, W11, W14, W8, SW7, SW5, SW10, SW3, SW6, W2, W12, W6, SW1X, SW1W, SW1V

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