How to get back to work without struggle

Back to school, Back to work

When the end of summer is nigh, and we are gravitating towards a slump as the colder weather brews, it’s no wonder many of us anticipate September with bore and anxiety; let’s keep life adventurous and exciting! No need to reminisce over the relaxing holiday just past, nor to get the blue struggles when returning to work this year. If you work from home or nearby and need a place to ‘get out of the house’, work out and meet up with friends close enough to Kensington schools, SKC may well be the saviour for you this year.

Social Diary planning

With diaries getting full of school projects, social activities, work meetings, shopping lists and God forbids, CHRISTMAS preparations coming up, one can easily apprehend and resent the next few months to come.
Being aware of the daily struggles we all face, South Kensington Club creates the ideal hub for balancing culture, social life, work and health for its local residents, who fancy a community of like minded individuals.

Peaceful heaven at the heart of South Ken

With a recently refurbished bathhouse, new gym & studios for an array of yoga and cardio based classes, a splendid vast lounge area for relaxing or operating a business from, a bright and airy restaurant serving fresh Mediterranean cuisine, and multiple bars to enjoy some wine or cocktails after a long day…With an exciting calendar of events weekly, SKC is the place to be to network and mingle among like minded neighbours, thanks to a delightful balance of cultural and social events (please enquire with for more details)

Save time, make new friends

Balance is key and time is precious – Imagine not having to travel to access a gym, a facial or massage appointment, a place to work and meet clients or friends, a fine restaurant and a relaxing bar in the evening? That’s a few hours saved per week! Precious time which can be spent with your loved ones, or lets face it, more time to sleep!

SKC and Kensington Mums will be partnering up to organise a lovely and relaxing cocktail evening in November – please register your interest here, 0203 006 6868