How to choose the right nursery for your child ?

Choosing the best nursery for your child can seem like a daunting task, particularly if you are looking for a nursery for your first child, or if you are new to a town or city. Keren Ben Ezra, founder of the Ofsted Outstanding Keren’s Nursery tells us more.

1. Plan Ahead

Many parents start with a Google search for nurseries near to home or work, depending on logistical needs when their babies are months or even weeks old, and others will have a shortlist of recommendations from family and friends.

2. Visiting Nurseries

Once you’ve done the background checks, arrange a visit to the nurseries on your shortlist. Some parents prefer to visit without their little ones in tow, but we find more many enjoy gauging their children’s response to a welcoming nursery.

Look out for the following:

Are the children happy? Do they look interested, engaged and busy?

Are the staff kind, loving, engaging, attentive and passionate about childcare?State of the art nursery facilities are of little importance if the staff appear remote and disinterested in the children.

Is the nursery clean and organised?Good nurseries usually appear very busy to the eye, with filled display boards and tables laden with activities. This is not to be confused with being unclean or disorganised!

Is there a daily routine? Children thrive on routine. Knowing what comes next is vital for their wellbeing and confidence. Often nurseries lacking proper routine experience high levels of noise and chaos from bored and often unsettled children.

3. Most of all, follow your intuition. Following a visit to the nursery do you trust it to look after your child? Did you feelit was the right place for your child? Will it fit into your work/home life routine?

Popular nurseries often have long waiting lists, and many parents sign up as soon as possible.

Keren’s Nursery was founded in 2004, with Ofsted Outstanding Nurseries in Hampstead Garden Suburb and Belsize Park.

Keren’s Nursery in Holland Park opened in September 2016 and is awaiting its first Ofsted inspection. The branch cares for children aged 10 months to rising 5 years.

Visit Keren’s Holland Park Branch at their Open Day on January 23rd  from 9.30 – 11.30. Booking essential via email [email protected]  to confirm your place.

Article sponsored by Keren ben Ezra, founder of Ofsted Outstanding Chain, Keren’s Nursery in Holland Park, Belsize Park and Hampstead Garden Suburb. Read more posts by Keren’s Nursery.