How to be a hero this Earth Day

Kid friendly, activity for Earth Day

If you’re anything like us, you’re getting bombarded with emails and social campaigns about how to make the most of social distancing: Pick up a new hobby. Finally write that book. Renovate your kitchen. Get in the best shape of your life. Honestly, it’s exhausting, isn’t it? 

So please hear this: We’re not here to tell you what you “should” do this Earth Day. 

  • Feel like celebrating by stringing a hammock and taking an hour’s worth of deep breaths? More power to ya.
  • Want to just look out the window and admire a tree for a sec? That’s lovely.
  • Inspired to pick up some trash on your daily walkabout? Awesome. 
  • Want to put used goods to good use? Oooooh, we can help with that one!

At Soles4Souls, we transform your gently used shoes and clothing into economic opportunity. Rather than collecting dust in your closet or contributing to overloaded landfills, your cast-aside tennies and t-shirts provide people a path out of poverty.



And it’s so easy to make a difference:

  1. Collect your used shoes and clothing.
  2. Take them to one of our convenient drop-off locations

However you choose to spend this day, we hope you’re healthy and safe… and we hope you find a way to #dogoodfeelgood. For more ideas, smash the button. [Be a hero.]