How positive affirmations can make children happy and improve their mental health

This Children’s Mental Health Week (February 3rd – 9th) iGROWco, the teacher-developed positive affirmation brand for kids (0 -12yrs) are proud to be announcing their support for the charity ACTION FOR HAPPINESS.

For every printed deck of positive affirmation for kids cards sold, iGROWco will donate 50p to help support ACTION FOR HAPPINESS’ work to promote mental wellbeing in schools and local communities.

Founders Joy Marchese and Annabel Zicker comment: “As teachers and mindset coaches, we launched our positive affirmation cards for kids due to the lack of practical, fun and positive psychology inspired tools available on the market, to support their mental wellbeing. Positive affirmations are like ‘magic’ words and help children better understand and explore their emotions, to actively embrace a positive mindset and build confidence and resilience.”

ACTION FOR HAPPINESS takes the same expert-led pragmatic approach to creating happiness as iGROWco, which made them such an inspiring beneficiary.






iGROWco’s positive affirmation cards embrace evidence-based recommended actions to achieve happiness such as:

  • Encourage kindness
  • Practice gratitude
  • Focus on your strengths
  • Mindfulness practice: affirm – breathe – connect
  • Positive parenting techniques
  • Build emotional resilience

Read about how to raise happy and resilient children here.