Grace Belgravia

Sometimes all we need is to switch off so we can recharge but it is easier said than done.

When I allow myself to take time for me, I often realise my mind is never really off and find my ‘mama rush mode’ is on trying to juggle 100 thoughts or 1000 things all at once.

But this Saturday afternoon was going to be different. I had a fully packed morning with the kids and between breakfast, football, tantrums and laughter what got me through it all was knowing that a pamper afternoon at Grace Belgravia with Dina was waiting!

As I left the house that afternoon I couldn’t have been happier filled with anticipation of the pampering ahead, then I found myself stuck in traffic! I couldn’t believe this, was I going to miss my signature facial?! I wanted to cry! I called the club to let them know I may be a few minutes late and a lovely, calm lady on the other side of the phone very kindly took me back to that ‘zen mode’ thanking me for letting her know and reassuring me they would wait for me.

The traffic never stopped so I jumped of the bus and ran, I ran as fast as I could to make sure I would get that afternoon of pamper I was longing for. Just before I walked into the club, I couldn’t have been more stressed. I was late and my heart was pounding.

Then, as I walked through the doors of Grace Belgravia all my worries just disappeared.

“Grace Belgravia is London’s exclusive health, wellbeing and lifestyle club for women built on the philosophy that to enjoy life to the full, we need to invest in our greatest asset, our health”.

With that philosophy in mind and as the ladies at reception reassured me to not worry that my appointment had been delayed, I was ready for my pamper experience

The atmosphere in the club was very tranquil, pleasant music in the background and the perfect lighting in each room. As I arrived, I was asked to fill in a personal details & a medical form, which I did before I was ‘escorted’ to the SPA area through the most beautiful atrium. A stunning long room with high glass ceiling surrounded by art pieces all along the way.


As we entered the changing rooms I was offered a dressing gown and slippers to get changed into before heading to the SPA treatment area.

“The luxury Grace Spa combines the gentle and expert touch of intuitive therapists with advanced skincare and specialist equipment. You can expect to be pampered but above all, see and feel results”.

Just before the treatment room is a relaxing quiet room with lovely wallpaper, four comfortable beds with blankets, dimmed lights and magazines one can choose from. You can also help yourself to water, which is freshly prepared with cucumber. Just what one needs before and after a pamper treatment.


At the club they make members privacy a priority, each member has a magnetic bracelet to tap themselves in and out of each room to give them access to the different rooms.

As I arrived, Dina had just finished her signature massage. She looked like she was on holiday, rested, relaxed and with a sleepy smile. She had just been in for Grace’s 60 ‘blissful relaxation’ massages and you could tell she couldn’t have been more pleased with her experience. The treatment is described as ‘ultimate massage experience. A blend of beautifully fluid and bespoke movements exclusively designed to relax and ease tension. This massage creates an unforgettably luxurious experience for both your mind and body and is suitable for pregnancy’.

Dina had been suffering from tension in her neck and shoulders for some time now and the travelling didn’t help, she desperately felt the need to soften the knots formed around her neck and shoulders. Elodie, her therapist knew exactly what she was doing and in that time managed to ease away the pain. Dina not only left her discomfort behind but also managed to drift into light steep during the treatment.

After hearing what Dina had to say about her massage, I knew I was in for a treat event more than before, I couldn’t wait any longer.

I cannot thank the lovely therapist Elodie enough for transporting me to the most relaxing place during my facial. The session started with a mini consultation in which Elodie asked if I had any particular concerns about my skin and what exactly I was after during this treatment. She then talked me through each step of what I was going to have done in the 60 minute facial.

Elodie’s approach was very professional, she told me what creams she was going to use and warned me that some creams would have felt cold whilst others could have felt tingly but not to worry as that meant the creams were just doing their job.

The products used at Grace are world renowned QMS Medicosmetics and I was going to try their advanced, anti-aging treatment featuring QMS Medicosmetics unique high performance collagen system which is designed to deliver superior results.

When Elodie asked me what I wanted to achieve during this session, I told her I was unhappy with my ‘labour wrinkles’ on my forehead (because I swear I didn’t have them before giving birth) so I was excited to discover new products which could have helped me tackle them. ‘QMS Medicosmetics re-introduces collagen into the skin to improve elasticity and the appearance of young, fresh skin. These treatments target individual needs to provide the best anti-ageing results. ‘

Elodie started by preparing my skin through deep pore cleansing and exfoliation. As she has warned, the exfoliator did tingle a little but it a bearable stinging sensation, which didn’t take away the relaxing feel. She then applied a pioneering treatment masks meant to work to improve the skin’s wellbeing. I had never tried a mask like this before. Elodie asked if it was ok to have it over my eyes and mouth, I said yes. As she applied it I’m glad she asked before. The mask was very heavy and even if you tried you wouldn’t be able to open your eyes or mouth, it was a strange sensation, like having very heavy cold mud in your face and even stranger was the feeling when she removed it. It felt as if my eyes, nose and the rest of my face were going to come off with it. The freshness of it and the elasticity it left on my face was incredible, I want more!!!! The treatment ended by boosting my moisture levels through the application of another wonderful product which functions through the 70% natural soluble collagens, which intensely hydrate and restore the skin. ‘A treatment designed to rejuvenate and revitalise the complexion’.

During the facial, while the mask and other product were applied, Elodie gave me the most incredible head and neck massage which made me fall asleep too, what a treat!

I was very impressed with Elodie, not only was she was amazing during the treatment but she gave me some factual feedback about my skin that no one had done before. I often come out of a facial and therapist say to keep up the cleansing and moisturising and that my skin is good and I should visit them at least once a month (of course and OH I wish) but Elodie spotted things in my skin which she cared to discuss with me and advise on what to do going further, Thank you!!!

Both myself and Dina spent sometime in the quiet room, sipping a lovely green tea we had been offered and whispering away until we decided to make our way to the bar downstairs in order to not disturb another lady who had just fallen asleep after her SPA experience.

At the bar was a young and kind waitress who helped us choose our drinks that afternoon. We told her how we felt and what we liked and she suggested the perfect match for us. I had an energy booster with carrot and ginger whilst Dina opted for a more filling granola smoothy. They were both delicious.

The atmosphere in the bar was just as relaxing as up in the Spa area, quiet with music in the background and very soft lights as the day passed. The Christmas décor was beautiful adding a sense of bliss to our stay.

But Grace Belgravia is not just SPA. Grace in fact, has all facilities you need. It includes a gym which has been designed with the female body in mind. All classes, personal training sessions and nutrition programmes, fit in with the overall integrated approach to wellbeing of the Club. Grace Belgravia also has a lovely restaurant, which promotes healthy eating with fresh, organic ingredients. “By day, the restaurant is a vibrant eatery for business meetings, post work out snacks, a place to relax or socialise with friends. There is a wide range of satisfying dishes, snacks, smoothies and juices all designed to enhance mood, create energy and boost both beauty and brain. By night, the lights dim, the candles alight and it turns into the perfect dining destination in Belgravia. Members also have the opportunity to bring both male and female guests to enjoy the space”.

We would like to thank Grace Belgravia once again for having us and letting us enjoy a very much-needed recharging afternoon together.


And as they say at Grace Belgravia “It’s time to nourish your body, relax your mind and prioritise your wellbeing. It’s time to live life in Grace”. We couldn’t agree more.


Thank you to James Lakeland for dressing Dina in Bell Sleeve Polo Neck and Nathalie in last Spring Summer Collection 2016.