Gingerbread City at the V&A

We had the amazing opportunity of being able to visit, once again before the official launch to the public – Saturday 8 December- 6 January, 2019,  the annual Gingerbread City at the V&A.

It is a stunning edible future city” of over 60 buildings made of gingerbread, using chocolate, gummies and a whole bunch of sweets to assist in this architectural feast of city planning. 

The Museum of Architecture together with Foster + Partners among others, wanting to engage with the public during the holiday season, created a complex shape by combining traditional gingerbread making with new technology with the help of a robot that was able to construct 447 identical bricks which were baked, cut and assembled by the robot in a complex inspiration pavilion creating exciting spaces. 

We were lucky enough to meet and interview Stefanie Hickl, Roxy Guellmeister and Jan Dierckx the geniuses that created this delicious project (check it out live on our Instagram stories). They hope this pavilion might be a good inspiration for children to become designers and/or architects. 

Holland Harvey Architects baked a contemporary homeless shelter including a community cafe, local shop representing the 7,500 people that are sleeping rough on the streets of London.

Hopkins Architects represented different cultures with gingerbread men with their Bakewell Bridge. LSI Architects created the Hot Cross Pub and micro-brewery to support the sustainable brewing process. PDP London contributed in this project by making the “Curdzon Cinema” – an outdoor cinema and lemon farm with hydroponics centre to power the screen. Air purifier made by PLP Architecture. NBBJ baked Crystal Towers with layers of vegetation and artificial waterfalls. Stanton Williams provide a takes the public through the history of architecture via the “Museum of Architec-sugar”. Zaha Hadid Architects assembled an opera house by layering and stacking baked goods.

Hilary Satchwell, Director at Tibbalds Planning and Urban Design Ltd, said: “We need to be looking forwards in terms of how we make our cities better for all that live and work in them. It has been really exciting this year to set the Gingerbread City 2018 theme around how our future cities might work.”

A must see this Christmas at the V&A! While we got you here, don’t forget our top 21 activities to do in London too. 

Happy Holidays!