Finding flexible working for Mothers

Find a flexible job with Mothers & Careers

Are you looking to reconnect with your professional self and return to work after maternity leave or an extended career break? Or perhaps you are already back at work, but would love to find a more flexible role working for a company that believes in a healthy work—life balance?

People working in London work longer hours than most, and commute on average an hour to work. For many parents the possibility to work flexible hours, reduced hours or to work from home a day or two a week, can make a huge difference to their family’s happiness. Mothers & Careers is a business that was set up to help you find a flexible job. It is a job board specialising in flexible full time and part time jobs for ambitious, career-driven women. It is open to anyone to search and apply for jobs, however the website is aimed at mothers who are struggling to juggle family life and careers.

Mothers & Careers was launched in 2017 by Anette B van Blokland, when she realised there was a lack of job boards promoting flexible work in London. Anette says “We would like to help mothers get the life-balance they are looking for, whether that is a full time job with a flexible working arrangement, a remote working role, a part time job or a job share. We also try to encourage women who are looking to get back to work after maternity leave or an extended career break to try a Returners Programme. Returners Programmes, also called “returnships”, are designed to refresh your knowledge and skills and boost your workplace confidence.”

Mothers & Careers believes that:

  1. Flexible working is the future – technology allows us to connect from anywhere at anytime.
  2. Life experience matters – some of the strongest talent in the workforce also has the added skill of parenting.
  3. There should not be a motherhood penalty – equal pay for equal work.
  4. You should not have to choose between a happy family life and a successful career.

Mothers & Careers is currently promoting many interesting flexible jobs with exciting startups like Monzo bank, UndertheDoormat and KoruKids, as well as Returners Programmes for 2018 for companies like Deloitte and FDM Group. These companies have understood the benefits of offering flexible working to their employees. Flexible working arrangements means better productivity and staff engagement, while enhancing health, happiness and work-life balance.

Own your career now – find a job with Mothers & Careers; a job that offers you the flexibility you want, with a company that values your aspirations and that match your lifestyle needs.

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