Festive family fun at the London Transport Museum

From 1st of December until 23, the London Transport Museum is hosting Santas Secret Hideaway as well as story sessions and origami Christmas tree decorations to take home, making this a great family outing for all ages. Last week we had the opportunity to attend to this event and had a great time.

The Museum offers an immersion into Londons transport history, as my toddler enjoyed going on the different types transports, from horse trans, undergrounds and buses, I got to discover much more about London as a city and the secrets of what makes this amazing town operate.

Its flow and design is created to guide you through the history of London and the evolution of its transport. You must start your visit on the second floor, where you will be transported to the 1900. During this time, you will learn that thousands of horses populated Victorian London, and to operate a tram for a single day, there had to be at least six horses. This type of transit system produced more than 1,000 tons of waste a day.

After learning about this, you move on to the next floor, where you learn about the underground, the full steam and locomotive system and how London had to evolution to electrification of this system in 1905. The next floor you will visit, you will learn more on our contemporary London and how the WWII affected transportation.

While you get a bit of culture and history about the city, each exhibition is  also full of interactive experiences for children. From horse trams, to getting on the underground, even driving a big red bus. There are two many spaces designed for kids to explore transportation and play a role. From a bus driver to a underground operator to a mechanic.

Although the museum offers great history and activities for families, this Christmas season, they also decided to bring the holidays into transportation. So besides riding and driving buses, you will also find Santas Secret Hideaway spot. A magical place full of snowand beautiful twinkle lights that will spontaneously spark your holiday spirit and make you feel the magic of the season. Santa interacts with every kid, asking them what they want for Christmas, as well as giving them a special gift. Besides this, the museum created an arts & crafts space, where kids from different ages (from 3 to 12) can create their very own Christmas Tree decorations.

Not only did my toddler got to interact with diverse transports he also got to enjoy a great Christmas Story time and Singalong. This is happening every day at 11:30 am and 1:30 pm and last aprox. 30 min. Kids get to choose 2 stories that they want to hear, as well as sing Christmas songs with a selection of props and instruments. The staff is great in engaging with kids and keeping them entertained.


For more information, visit the London Transport Museum website.