Flourishing this Festive Season

Surviving the festive season

 The title of this began as Surviving the Festive Season – in recognition of the stress and demands December brings. While we love evenings of entertaining, Christmas parties, present buying and hosting the in-laws as much as anyone else.  The pace can take its toll on both physical and mental wellbeing. Decadent wining and dining, late nights, social commitments and family responsibilities can threaten what should be a beautifully peaceful time of year. In the interests of not only surviving but thriving – and enjoying every second of the season of goodwill, we’ve curated our December essentials. Addressing internal health will always manifest in our outward appearance and attitude, so we’ve highlighted the most effective energising, detoxifying experiences to ensure you look and feel your very best!


Zone Face Lift

If you book one facial make it this one; Ziggie Bergman combines facial reflexology, Japanese facelift massage, GuaSha, Indian head massage and traditional Native American healing techniques in this completely bespoke, restorative experience. By releasing tension and stress held in the face, Ziggie restores radiance, firming and lifting the face and spirit for a youthful appearance and inner sense of peace.

Colonic Hydrotherapy

Our digestive systems can easily become overloaded when we indulge in a decadent festive diet, placing excess stress on the gut. Issues can manifest in myriad ways: symptoms of IBS, bloating, irregular bowel movement and weight gain, lack of energy and lowered immunity.

By gently removing excess material and negative bacteria many organs in the body can benefit, including the liver, immune system, skin and brain. Our registered practitioner, Kara Mia Vernon, gently flushes and detoxifies the system leaving you instantly lighter and energised.

Capri Palace Leg School®

On the subject of detoxifying – a more relaxing experience comes courtesy of the award-winning Grace Spa. This pioneering treatment comprises mudpacks, cold bandaging, hot and cold hydrotherapy and stone massage to boost circulation, eliminate water retention and improve the elasticity of veins and capillaries. By removing blocks in the lymphatic system legs will feel firmer and lighter, while the rest of the body is energised and detoxified. Your saving grace after days spent on your feet and evenings on the dance floor!

Surviving the festive season

Personal Training

When you have limited time to workout, make it count. It can be tempting to hit snooze on cold winter mornings, hide at the back of the class or skip altogether. Booking a one to one session means you’ll get the most out of the time you do have. With a tailored workout, and a trainer ensuring your posture and alignment is perfect – often we don’t get the full benefit of the exercises we do, simply because we’re not doing it correctly. A training session provides a much-needed escape from Christmas mania, and we guarantee to raise the heart rate and releasing endorphins will give your mind and body a serious lift (and offset a mince pie or two!).

Physical Refresh

Cold weather has a way of making us painfully aware of muscular aches and pains, old sports injuries and tension, which might be caused by stress, alignment or skeletal issues. Addressing concerns and identifying the root cause is key to our Consultant Musculoskeletal Specialist, Allison Swan’s, practice. Limited range of movement can be so debilitating – particularly at a time of year that should be full of dancing, playing with little ones and long walks!

Adopt a preventative approach to true health and seek the support of one of London’s leading experts in Physiotherapy, Osteopathy and Chiropractor techniques – and move freely into the new year.

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