Female Hair Loss – Breaking the Taboo

Hair loss or thinning hair is always viewed as a problem that only men of a certain age have to deal with; and many of the over the counter hair loss shampoos or treatments are exclusively aimed at a male customer. But in reality, hair loss or excessive hair shedding is something that can impact women at almost every stage of life.

Most new Mums will suffer some form of postpartum hair loss after the birth of their child; and according to the American Academy of Dermatology, 40% of women over the age of 40 will have visible hair loss to some degree.

Similarly, due to the mental health crisis here in the UK and across the Western world, increasing numbers of women are suffering from stress and anxiety – which can also lead to increased shedding of the hair and bald patches that can severely impact confidence, potentially exacerbating the problem.

Even overuse of heat tools, extensions and curling wands can lead to thinning of the hair, and in worst cases, traction alopecia.

Hair loss, as is evident, can happen to any woman at any time; which is why it is baffling there are not that many dedicated hair loss or thinning hair brands that exclusively cater to women, not just in regards to shampoo and conditioners but in the styling arena too.

For many women hair is a mark of their femininity or is intrinsically linked to their identities – so ensuring you have styling products that perform the dual purpose of caring for your precious and stressed out tresses, while also allowing you to style as usual and create the volume and textures you love is so important.

But this feminine connection we all have with our hair is probably why female hair thinning is so rarely spoken about. It is a taboo that has to be broken and spoken about if women are going to be able to access the products they both need and deserve.

This is why BAMbeautiful is such an exciting and innovative brand. Not only do BAMbeautiful provide products that help to combat excessive hair shedding and thinning hair, but they also help to densify and add volume from the root. Teamed with the nourishing conditioner, masque and thickening finishing cream you will also be giving some much needed TLC to the hair already there.

BAMbeautiful’s Intensive Scalp Tonic has also been tried and tested in an independent study with 100 women over a period of three months – which showed fantastic results. 90% of those independently trialled women agreed their hair felt denser and 96% agreed their scalp was soothed.

Many of us are also concerned with the provenance and natural credentials of the products we buy, so knowing that BAMbeautiful is cruelty free, vegan and uses ECOCERT bamboo in its formulations is a huge plus for women who want to utilise products that are both efficacious and reduce harm to our environment.

Why not try BAMbeautiful for yourself and see how it can transform your tresses.

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