Fatherhood by Mark Hainy


Please introduce yourself: Name, what do you do & how many children you have.

Hello, my name’s Mark and it’s been my name for nearly forty years!

I’m the co-founder, along with Leigh Tilley, of WUBL, a quirky and fun brand just for under fives. We’ve launched the first spring water onto the market, aimed specifically and unequivocally at little kids. It’s called WUBLWater and it’s objective is to reduce sugary drink consumption.  My inspiration came from my daughter Daisy, with the need to take that leap into the unknown and realise a dream, so I left the comfort of employment and a steady pay cheque to realise WUBL by making a healthy difference in chillers across the UK.

How do you manage to juggle work and life balance as a father?

I put my family first, as much as humanly possible.  Yes, WUBL is very important and I work hard, with my head stuffed to bursting every day, of the myriad of WUBLy stuff that needs to be done, however, I always remind myself that time with my wife and daughter is precious and you can’t get time with loved ones back, so we make time to be together.

What makes you, as a dad, happy?

Simply seeing my daughter grow, develop, absorb knowledge, ways of doing things and the shaping of her personality every single day makes me beam. There’s something very gratifying when the immense hard work as a parent translates into all the things above. It’s also tinged with a tiny-weeny little bit of sadness as each day they become a little more independent.

What is your favourite & least favourite thing about parenthood?

My favourite thing about parenthood is when Daisy is in bed, my least favourite is when she gets up in the morning……yeah, right, honestly it has to be the love I have for Daisy, we have a genuine connection and it’s brilliant. She’ll give me honest feedback about WUBL stuff and throw in the odd idea, funnily enough she helped to come up with the WUBL theme tune! There isn’t a least favourite, not to sound too cliche, but I’m in that ‘parenting is an honour’ camp, I’m so lucky to be a Dad and to have an opportunity to share my knowledge with Daisy and she shares hers with me – win win.

If you were a cartoon character, who would you be? 

Being a Dad and a business owner has taught me one major thing and that’s resilience – neither of these things is easy, there are loads of curve balls, challenges, stress and no instruction manual to refer too, so with that in mind I think I’d liken myself to Wile E Coyote – you can’t knock his resilience, the only core difference between us is that I learn from my mistakes, having avoided falling into a canyon throughout my life thus far!

Tell us something mummy doesn’t know, something that happened during a ‘dad on duty’ moment.

Haha, my wife knows everything, I have a guilty face and she can read me like a book. The time that very little Daisy locked herself in the car, with my keys, while strapped into her car seat, on a hot day, for two hours, at an out of town shopping centre is probably something I should have kept secret – the broken car windows would have given me away though!

I’m a dad and……?

I’m a Dad and……….



8. What advice would you give a first-time dad?

Enjoy what’s about to happen, enjoy when it does happen and when you’re feeling tired, because you will and you want to just chill out, take a deep breath, remember how time flies and you won’t get any of this time back, so play with them, talk to them, entertain them and have fun.

9. What does fatherhood represent to you?

Fatherhood is awesome, to me it represents love in the absolute purest form, I’d do anything for Daisy and not just because I need her to look after me in my old age.

10. Share a top tip with your fellow dads?

Don’t give your baby daughter the keys to your car as she will, more than likely, press that deadlock button!