Top 10 Father’s Day Gift Guide 2018

Our Father’s Day Gift Guide has ideas for all the dads. So if the Dad in your life is a fitness fanatic, has a sweet tooth or just enjoys a good joke, check out our guide for some great gift ideas.

1. EMS Personal Training in Hammersmith



EMS training is a buzzing and intense 20-minute workout experience that utilises technology to amplify the signals that the brain sends to the muscles to make them contract. The benefits of EMS include building muscle, strength and endurance as well as improving posture and reducing back pain. All in just a single 20-minute weekly session!

Every time you visit Surge the lucky dad will work with one of their expert EMS personal trainers who will ensure the training is tailored to the person’s fitness goals. And remember: You don’t need to bring anything to your session. Everything is provided, from water bottles to towels and shower facilities to freshen up after your session.

Treat daddy and help him achieve his personal fitness goals!


2. A gift of time

Looking for a gift is time consuming and often we purchase gifts that are not used or wanted. At Gift of Time, their  aim is to take a new look at a way to bring real pleasure to those you love and care about especially on Father’s Day. They provide ideas to help please and delight family and friends with a promise of spending some very precious time together. The ideas are found in exciting categories for example, depending on who the gifts are being chosen for, also the age group. A Gift of Time can express your love, respect and thankfulness on Father’s Day. Of course, some will prefer their more personalised service which they offer for customers who already have the perfect idea for spending time with their loved ones. What they do, is take these wonderful ideas, either from their categories or the customers own special plan and turn them into a really special gift presentation to ensure total surprise and delightful anticipation of what is insideIt is easy to promise to do things for others, at Gift of Time, their intentions are always good but often forgotten and not mentioned again as life gets in the way. They help to turn promises of time spent together something personal and very special by presenting it as a luxurious gift. It makes the gift of time feel very precious and seals the promise in an unforgettable way.

3. Matching swim shorts with Daddy


BUY ANY TWO SWIMSHORTS OR JONATHAN SHIRTS TO GET 30% OFF *Must include one men’s style. Valid until midnight on the 17th June 2018.  Available from Trotters.


4. Father and Child matching PJs 

This T-shirt and shorts pyjama set will make a fun addition to your nightwear drawer. It’s crafted from pure cotton that’s soft and breathable and printed with a playful design on the chest. Combine it with the matching kids’ pyjama set so your little one can be just like his dad.

Available from Marks and Spencer, online.

5. Personalised book


Celebrate the reasons you love Daddy with this gorgeous story book for children – perfect for Fathers Day. Available from not on the high Street.

6. Beard Oil


These beard oils have been carefully blended using the best ingredients to nourish and moisturise the skin whilst deeply conditioning your mans beard.  All oils are handmade in-house in small batches.  These oils can also be used for shaving and keeping those cheek lines sharp.

Available from Bedfordshire Beard Co

7. Fit Bit


Make fitness a lifestyle with the FitBit Flex wireless activity & sleep wristband. During the day, it tracks steps, distance, and calories burned. At night, it tracks your sleep quality and wakes you silently in the morning.  The perfect gift for the fitness fanatic in your life or the the motivation needed to get them moving.

Available from Selfridges 

8. Personalised bracelet

Our Open Bangle is the perfect choice to accompany any style – whether he’s smart for business or weekend casual.  The sterling silver bangle has a sleek finish and a discreet look with an open section for easy wear. Choose to hand-engrave up to 40 characters on the inside of the bangle for a touch of personalisation.

From Merci Maman Papa Boutique  Price £69

9. Funky Hampers

Creamy Belgian Chocolate Circle, with a Terry’s orange and a Blue Hat and Bow Tie, all made from Chocolate!  Everyone loves a Terry’s Chocolate Orange, so how about one with a difference? Complete with a Blue Hat and Bow Tie Hat, this can be personalised for any occasion –Happy Fathers Day!

Available from Funky Hampers  Price £14.95

10. Simple Mounted Posters

A great shot deserves an extra-special mount. Get your favourite photo printed in this spectacular PVC, for a statement look.

Available from Photobox