Expert life lessons to give your teenager the edge!

Remember the time we thought we had made it because we got that first job offer only to learn how little we actually knew! How many different career choices did we seriously consider? Recall how little time we spent on deciding on our university and course of study!

An exemplary team of industry experts and leading educationalists from Harvard, Cambridge and INSEAD with a wealth of experience from Google to Goldman Sachs have come together to form the Advisory Board of the proprietary Early MBA Programme, the top rated short course for teenagers.

The Early MBA Programme is a transformative holiday course that uniquely delivers the benefits of the wide MBA curriculum in a stimulating age appropriate way. Secondary school students from a diverse mix of backgrounds are put into teams where they must practically apply themselves to win challenges.

The modules include university pitches, networking, decision making, finance careers, brand management, negotiations and a proprietary business simulation where they get to experience being the CEO of their own company. Participants also get 1-1 coaching from industry experts and learn face to face life lessons from Guest Speakers.
Manisha, mum to 16 year old Kashish signed up her daughter for the course last July. “I heard of Early MBA through my local mums group; it was one of the best investments we have made. We couldn’t have been happier. My daughter learnt about real world concepts that helped her catalyse her thinking on life ahead. She is now directing her energies in high school to pursue a career in investment banking. I would happily put her in any follow on courses. It was a very fun and interactive class and a useful way to spend a break away from the usual teen distractions of social media and devices.”

Parents can witness the highlights of the course for themselves as they are invited to the Finale event. Here participants present themselves to the dean of their top choice of university and hear from our Guest Speaker. The next finale will take place on Friday 12th April 2019 from 12 noon to 1pm.

Whether you are looking to help improve your child’s university application, secure a work placement or discover their best career opportunities, the Early MBA Programme seems designed to empower your teenager to discover their strengths and interests and maximise their potential.

Limited places remain on the upcoming Early MBA Programme taking place during the April term break at Senate House, University of London.

To learn about the special offer for Kensington Mums and to reserve your place, please click here Early MBA

We highly recommend you to book a spot at your earliest as there are only a few spots left and we wouldn’t want you to miss out on this fabulous opportunity!