Donate and Support for Lebanon

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We are all still in shock over what happened on the 4th of August 2020. We are all grateful to be alive, our country is shattered into pieces and so is our hearts. May God heal every touched soul.

These are unprecedented times. Many are without homes, without jobs, without family around, without money and desperate for help in any shape or form. Together as a community we can help our Lebanon.

We have listed this useful resource which we hope you find it useful.

Donate today and support everyday

Beirut Explosion Relief Fund

Ahla Fawda 

Double your donation for Beirut

Lebanese Red Cross

Children’s Cancer Centre Rescue Fund

Beirut Emergency Fund 2020

Beit el Baraka

Lebanon Disaster Relief

Just Giving Lebanon Relief

Hotel Dieux France 

 Lebanese Food Bank


Beirut Blast Victim Relief Fund



Some online resources and ways to help

Locate Victims Beirut 

Open Houses Lebanon

Donner Sang Compter 

Baytna Baytak

Offre Joie

Food donations

Clothes distribution

Offer housing