Dairy Free Sheer Qorma

When we saw this dish we had to ask for the recipe. Shumailla AKA @shummyz is a mother of 2 who enjoys to explore healthy recipes. “Yay to my little girl for making me experiment with every wheat, dairy, sugar alternative under the sun”

Thank you @shummyz for sharing one of your creations with us.










100g vermicelli

1 Litre Soya milk

1/2 carton of soya cream

1 cup homemade coconut milk

2 tablespoons homemade ghee (clarified butter)

1/2 cup golden caster sugar (you can use coconut sugar as well)

3 cardamons, powdered

5 dates, putted and thinly sliced

Almonds and pistachios to decorate


Melt the ghee in a large pan

Add the cardamon and fry until fragrant (remove all this stage unless you’re using powder )

Slightly break up the vermicelli and add to the pan, saute’ until light brown

Add all the milk, dates and the sugar

Bring to the boil and then simmer for about 25minute (or longer depending on how think and creamy you want it.)

Switch off the heat and add about half a carton of soya cream.

Decorate with nuts and serve warm.