Creating time for oneself in a busy family household

The ease of using a professional nanny agency for temporary child care

During these fraught times over the last few months, those of us with families and children have had an interesting time. Whilst maintaining our regular vocation as parents to our offspring, we now find ourselves being their teachers and playmates as well, in a lockdown scenario. Let’s face it, this has been hard on all but the most highly organised and dedicated of the home schooling brigade.

With this extra pressure on our time what effect has this had on our ability to maintain our regular careers? Or indulge in our hobbies, personal interests, or even simply daily exercise? (Socialising has not been possible of recent so I don’t include this, which some may feel is most important!)

Getting back to normal after COVID19.

Soon enough the effects of COVID19 will pass but what will its legacy be? How will regular childcare arrangements be affected in the short, medium and long term? Will nurseries and schools be obliged to implement draconian measures to stop children mingling with peers in nurseries and schools? Will parents even wish to send their youngest children back into these settings?

All these questions and more must be factored with balancing the most important things in our life, our children, whilst maintaining our position in the workplace, having time for our hobbies/exercise and eventually, seeing friends and family again.

We will all want to get back on with our careers, go back to our sporting and exercise habits and get on with life but how best to do this with the peace of mind that home life will keep its equilibrium in a world where previous childcare options no longer exist, for the time being at least?

Why use a professional childcare agency?

Tinies Central & North London and International Nannies, have been busy throughout the lock down period. We have not closed our doors and instead have remained open to assist key workers with childcare whilst interviewing, processing and preparing huge numbers of highly experienced nannies and child carers seeking work both on a permanent or temporary basis.

All our nannies and child carers have a minimum of 3 years’ experience with all their referees called and checked by our staff along with their up to date DBS check. Most also have paediatric first aid and other childcare qualifications. They are all interviewed, via video link in these times by us, with only those that we feel are the very best being approved for work with our clients.

It is in these times, as lockdown loosens, we are seeing a significant spike in demand for our temporary nanny services. We can deploy our staff to you for one off babysitting assignments during the day or evening to week long or month long bookings on a regular or irregular basis. Bookings are based on a 4 hour minimum.

This service allows you to work at home and have your children cared for at the same time. It allows you to leave the house to undertake important errands and jobs which may have been put on hold the last 10 weeks. Once hospitality establishments reopen, it allows you to meet with friends for the afternoon or evening. All in the knowledge that matters at home are being taken care of by fully vetted and professional staff.

Enquire to see how we can help

At Tinies, one of our mantras is ‘Building Stronger Families’. Our temporary nanny service will give you the peace of mind to do just this. It gives you the time and breathing space you need to get things done, outside of the home, so that you can be the very best you can be, when at home.

Who would have known?

To discuss further how we can help, please call our offices on 020 77365214 or email [email protected] and we would be delighted to explain our services in more detail.

‘I have always gone back to Tinies whenever I have needed expert, professional, reliable nannies – whether permanent or temp. Ashleigh is absolutely incredible, listening to our requirements and then coming back with a list of suitable candidates within 24 hours. I can’t recommend them highly enough and Ash is the only person I trust to find someone perfect to look after our little ones. Thank you! Sally’

Sally Shelford – Editor, Loose women

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