Covidivorce or Coronababies?

How to deal with partners during enforced confinement?

The Corona pandemic and lockdown has transformed relationships and altered connections in a way we have never experienced. We all know we maybe going through a tough time with the current situation and lockdown due to the spread of the Coronavirus. Between home schooling, the usual house chores, working and looking after a family, its been a real juggle to say the least.

We suddenly have numerous WhatsApp groups with people we don’t even know the faces of, such as neighbours in the neighbouring streets we have never met all helping each other in amazing ways of community support, something we have been huge advocates for here at Kensington Mums. As a community, and as a family we have learnt so much so far from this lockdown.

We have so many online resources available at the touch of a button and various Facebook groups have popped up supporting the NHS, isolated & vulnerable with food parcels and even beauty and pampering products, activity groups supporting mums with home schooling and things to do with the kids. Social media has played a role in connecting us to the outside world and for connecting our families together and celebrating online birthday, online mums meet ups and virtual happy hour for many parents around the world, including zoom-bombing!!! These are all new terms added to the dictionary, you dont believe us, check it out for yourself.

The support around the crisis we are all facing is heart-warming. Family members are suffering from being apart and couples that don’t live together are having a heart-breaking time, but what about the married couples who have never spent so much time together how are they coping?

With divorce rates souring in China after the outbreak the new term Covidivorce has been coined. While some other families have struggled with living through Covid-19 including a team member, you can read her story here.

The desperate situation has tipped up the normal routine of life, couples roles in the home and as parents has forced them to work as a team, by sharing the load, taking things in turns to ensure they get their ‘me’ time and pick each other up when they are feeling down.

So although a stressful time one thing we need is humour to get us through and one of the texts I got on my girlfriends group was a real example of how we are seeing our other halves.


We would like to share some of our favourites, to reassure you no-one has it all together, no-one is leaving a picture perfect life, do not believe what you are seeing on social media!

So how much home schooling is your husband actually getting involved in? Or is it all on the mums …?

What followed was a surprisingly admission of

  • No my husband is convinced he has the virus and hasn’t left his bed all day leaving absolutely everything in my hands, which would be fine if I thought he actually did have it…
  • ‘The first time I asked him to help with little ones reading ended in tears …..Whose I asked? Mine my friend replied!
  • Another replied “I’m ready to name my punch bag (my husbands name)”

‘My husband does a few work calls in his pjs and I’ve done.. The washing, the cleaning, kids homework, my Work, kids entertaining, the cooking, the washing up, not to mention the de-contaminated and unpacked the shopping!

So are men going to finally realise how much women do? I think from now on, no-one will ever ask what a stay at home does all day ever again! What might follow is a complete appreciation…or will women just realise that their husbands are selfish and unable to think about anything other then themselves.

The truth will come and what will then follow is a lot of people re-evaluating their life, their priorities above all and relationships and marriages; as it is but in the meantime these jokes and memes keep us laughing in these testing times. One last funny one worth sharing….

‘When this crisis is over, if you had to choose between going out for a drink with your friends or a romantic dinner with your husband …which pub would you meet your friends at?’…

We have been long term advocates on mental health and so we want to tell you that you are not alone, and we are in it together… How are you cooping with your partners during lockdown? We would love to know tag and tweet us on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram @kensingtonmums. Stay sane Mammas, you got this!