Online educational resources | FULL LIST

With the current lockdown, we have put together this comprehensive list for any parents by some of some of our member’s recommendations.  Now more than ever, communities have come together to help and support one another, we have really found this helpful as we are all in this together. There are so many useful resources which has been shared on our Facebook Page and our Instagram Page It is a time to come together, share positivity, solidarity, and strength while we are raising resilient children. We have learnt already so many lessons during this lockdown.

In this article, we share various websites we have come across as parents during the lockdown, to keep our kids learning and growing. The amount of new things that we have access to from the touch of a button or screen is beyond amazing. We have pulled these together as much as possible below, listed in 4 categories which we hope you will find useful and are able to share with other parents alike. Make sure that you are controlling your online safety and well being of your children whenever possible, as with home schooling most things are now done online.

In case we missed any, we would love you to share your recommendations if they aren’t included please do email us to share your ideas. In case thats also not enough to help you, check out our 40 things to do during lockdown.

Cookery classes for kids


Home schooling websites and activity ideas

Fitness and Health

Arts and Crafts

In case you were looking for more fun things to do at home during lockdown, we share fun ideas you can do at home while you take care of your mental health. We are all doing our best, and taking it day by day to create a stress free parenting approach, as little eyes are watching us. That is to say,  we are in this together. Make sure you are in the loop and never miss a scoop, subscribe to revise  our free newsletter.