Cottesmore School – education for the body, mind and soul since 1894

Academic. Family. Fun. Warm. Boarding. These are the words that everybody that knows Cottesmore School, associates with it. At the heart of what makes Cottesmore so special is the continued quest by all staff to make school life vibrant, and full of variety and joy.

Established 125 years ago, Cottesmore is a longstanding, high-achieving co-educational boarding prep school which has been providing education for the body, mind and soul since 1894. The school offers girls and boys an unrivalled, world-class education; each child experiences the family feel and an immediate, friendly and bustling atmosphere. In 1974, Cottesmore was one of the first prep schools to introduce girls – an avant-garde move at the time – showing the forward-thinking, dynamic nature of the school at an early stage. Cottesmore now boasts an even split between both girls and boys – in 2019, a record number of pupils are being taught at the school.

Cottesmore celebrates all success: the maths team, the equine team, LAMDA examinees, musicians, sportspeople, budding scientists, engineers, dancers, writers and gardeners among many others are celebrated regularly. Cottesmore proclaims, ‘Everyone has a talent’ then seeks to find and nurture it. This year, Cottesmore has enjoyed the highest number of scholarships to the most successful senior exit schools in the country. Academic studies are high on the agenda. Cottesmore won an academic award this year for its results, given by Best Schools.

Cottesmore hosts excellent facilities including a state-of-the-art DT workshop, a modern purpose-built art studio, a theatre, an indoor swimming pool, IT suite and a library. Our facilities go beyond the brickwork and extend to multiple netball courts, hard and grass tennis courts, a floodlit astro, a golf course, a fishing lake, an adventure playground and extensive playing fields, gardens and grounds.

There is a genuine emphasis on a healthy mind and body; children practice mindfulness and yoga being introduced two years ago. A balanced diet and lifestyle is available for all with the school sitting together each day to enjoy a home-cooked breakfast, lunch and supper.

Children are encouraged to contribute to all aspects of Cottesmore life; the introduction of some inspired ‘extras’ include: Australian handball, outdoor pursuits and survival-skills, camp-building and bee-keeping. One pupil founded and runs a Maths tutoring club and Drone Club was created by two pupil drone enthusiasts. Popular activities include game-making code club, golf and table-tennis with complementary additions to the curriculum such as 3D printing, Latin and clay pigeon shooting (we currently have the IAPS U12’s national champion).

Our sporting fixtures heave with variety and with 33 sports on offer all children find their forte. Sport and activity underpins Cottesmore girls’ and boys’ success. A subtle balance between ‘winning’, fitness and development of skills is struck.

We pride ourselves on school initiatives with kindness at the core of Cottesmore life. We have a ‘Kindness Council’; each member is voted in by their peers for the academic year to promote kindness around the school. Other initiatives include the Food Council, Charity Council and School Council.

We believe that Cottesmore maintains excellence using an innovative academic curriculum packed full of imagination, invaluable outdoor programmes, play and hard work which, combined, provides the full ‘Cottesmore experience’.