Chime for Change Live Concert

Kensington Mums attended Chime for Change Live Concert in Twinckenham on June 1st to help promote education, health and justice to every girl and every woman, everywhere. It was an extraordinary concert with line ups including Salma Hayek, Beyonce Knowles, Jay-Z Jennifer Lopez, Mary J Blige, John Legend, Jada Pinkett, Aishwarya Rai, Florence Welch, Timbaland and Madonna and many more  all together to put girls’ and women’s issues on the world’s stage. Their mission is as follows “None of us can move forward if half of us are held back”. Check out the website or Facebook Page to support projects that matter to you.


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Throughout history, women have done things differently.
When we need to get something done, we do it together.
With each new generation our story has spread wider.
The voices telling it braver, more powerful.

But the story is far from over. These are extraordinary times.
Thanks to technology, women across the world have the ability to connect in ways unimaginable to those who went before us. We believe that connection empowers us.

We are proud to be joining a growing movement of many.
The young and the old, women and men, from all cultures and all walks of life who want to see change. Not one, but billions of voices calling for the empowerment of girls and women. Empowerment through education, through health, through justice.

This is about hearing a call – to join us wherever you are.
About raising an alarm – drawing attention where there is work to be done.
Our issues are the world’s issues.

This is the sound of connection.
This is the sound of progress.
This is the sound of change.

Madonna: “Education is not a luxury but a human right”.

Jennifer Lopez: “Make love not war”


We want to see a world where every woman has access to the health care she needs.


We want to see a world where every girl has the right to go to school.


We want to see a world where girls and women are protected and given equal opportunity.

Have a browse through some pictures of the event!


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