Best wishes for the parents to be Kate and William

The Royal baby has been in the headlines for the past couple of  months from guessing the baby’s due date to royal baby names and who the baby will resemble and not to forget royal baby gift ideas.  The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge have given the Royal consent to baby memorabilia and there is even a blog dedicated to the Royal Baby, The Royal Baby Blog.

This post is about wishing Kate and William the best of luck in their journey to parenthood and Kate’s journey to motherhood with her first child. Wishing them all the happiness, an easy birth for Kate and most importantly a healthy baby.

I am sure Kate cannot wait to meet her new bundle of joy, which mother can? She might not have attended all the pre-natal classes she wished she could but I am sure Kate will somehow be prepare for what is yet to come. All you need to do is follow your motherly instincts.

Having a baby is a blessing but it requires a lot of time, patience and energy. Giving birth which is similar to running a marathon as my midwife once told me is a miracle. So what should Kate expect after bringing home baby for the first time?
As a Mum myself, I would suggest the following to Kate.
1. Expect to be on call every two to three hours for feeding your baby, and hence have interrupted sleep until your baby decides to sleep through the night.
2. Understand that each baby is different so do not try to compare your baby’s weight gain with another.
3. It is normal to feel tiered, try to rest as much as you can. You know you may not have postnatal depression (PND) but feeling unmotivated is completely normal in the first few weeks. Rest up, cuddle your baby and give yourself a break!
4. Understand that you have a new baby to care for 24/7. Try to establish a routine for night feeds and if you really need some rest; try expressing your milk if you are exclusively breastfeeding or let your partner give a bottle of your expressed milk or formula during night feeds. As you can probably tell, I am pro-breastfeeding!
5. Accept any form of help from friends or family.
6. Enjoy the time you have now with your little one. Read a book, go and get that DVD you have always wanted to watch but never had the time.
7. Set a ‘date night’ every week when your baby is asleep. Cook a nice dinner for both of you to enjoy or just watch a DVD and really appreciate time together.
8. Once you are up and ready to leave the house and face the world, go to your children’s library, attend a baby massage class or just have a stroll in the park. It will do you and your baby wonders. Meeting other mums like Kensington Mums would be beneficial so that you don’t feel alone in a haze of milky delight.
9. Last but not least, enjoy motherhood and the time you have with your bubu and put the mmmm into motherhood. Always remember that they are only tiny for a short while.
It has been quoted in the press that Kate feels Lonely and isolated with the due date fast approaching. Maybe Kate should join our Mummy community. She will be a Kensington Mum after all! What do you think?