Best Family Summer Holiday 2015

Some of our readers have shared their best family Summer holiday in 2015.

Summer in France by Racha, Mum of one

Every summer vacation we go to France and one of our favourite spots is Annecy. This was our second time in Annecy during summer season. Annecy is very famous for it’s Lake and the big parks around it. There are so many activities to do, even with small children. The first and most important thing is to choose the right hotel, and by that I mean to be as close as possible to the Lake. We stayed in the Best Western Carlton and it is 10 minutes walking from the Lake and in just 5 minutes you are in the old town area with all the restaurants and cafes. You have a Casino supermarket just in front of the hotel and a Carrefour city not far away maybe 8 to 12 min walk. With our baby it was important to be close to a supermarket because you always need something, from snacks to drinks to diapers to ready meals. In summer the weather is extremely beautiful, it is sunny yet not so hot. You still need a cardigan or vest in the evening.

On our first night there, we went for a walk by the Lake and our daughter played in the park. The place is full of children play areas with slides swings and bikes to rent. We sat on the grass with the most beautiful view in front of us and had some snacks and drinks. Naya (my 17months old daughter) was so happy and calm. I am a strong believer that the kids can feel it when they are in a peaceful location. They know they are on holidays and they stay relaxed. She never did an tantrum. In fact she would nap much better than back home. The fresh air, the weather everything helped.

On our second day, we rented bikes for half a day and spent most of our time biking on a cycling road around the Lake. It’s such a wonderful experience to be biking around the Lake coast and have a beautiful view. You can easily rent the baby chair attached to the back of the bike and kids love it ! We saw so many children on bikes with their parents and they are as happy as they can be ! Apart from biking, you also have hiking, paragliding, parasailing and many more water activities.

On our third and last day, we went by the lake and rented a small boat. We spent half an hour on it and Naya had such a blast, she wanted to jump in the water. Bigger families can rent pedalos with a small slide, it’s so much fun for the kids to have a swim.

Spending two to three days in charming Annecy is good enough. We do believe that after that it will become a little repetitive.  After checking out from the hotel in Annecy, we drove to Chamonix which is another beautiful and colder location. Also with fun activities for kids.

Summer in Spain by Layal, Mum of three

This summer we enjoyed travelling with our children to a few countries but our favourite part of the summer holiday was San Sebastián. The beach there is beautiful and the whole city is child friendly with many beautiful playgrounds. The weather was perfect considering it was summertime and the ‘Basque Cuisine’ is simply not to be missed! I highly recommend it to all families! There is lots to do including the Aquarium that’s situated on the beach, there is the Mount Igueldo theme park that’s situated on top of the mountain. There is Parque Aiete that’s lovely. But as I told you San Sebastián is known for its beaches so it’s quite a great destination for those looking for some beach fun.

Summer in Italy with Rania, Mum of 5

Traveling and visiting new countries has become part of our daily lives. With all the sophisticated lifestyle we take pleasure in, it is easy now to go out and discover the world. All five had a blast each depending on their age group interest and fascination. We spent two weeks in a house with a pool in Balestrate, a small village next to Palermo, the capital of Sicily. As tourists with five kids, we wanted to make the best of our stay, and enjoy our time. We set our schedule and decided on the cities, historical sites, museums, and other interesting locations we wanted to explore and followed it. We always made it a point to have the children and us relax by the pool either in the morning or in the late afternoon. The twins simply enjoyed walking around chasing pigeons and cuddling dogs and cats, while the boys fell in love with Erice an ancient village with a huge fortress. They felt they were knights themselves. Many people wonder how we managed a vacation with five, but let me tell you something: Kids simply love to explore, even if they are toddlers. So the rule is easy; take the decision of enjoying it and positive vibes are spread around you. That is exactly what happened!

Summer in Croatia by Dina, Mum of two

We decided to visit Croatia this Summer after hearing so many nice things about the country and reading some great reviews. We stayed at the Rixos Hotel Libertas overlooking the Adriatic Sea. The beach was breathtaking and the hotel offered so much for kids and families. There is an outdoor swimming pool, a kids pool, indoor pool (when it got too hot outside) ping pong and lots of snorkelling fun! We also loved the Aqua gym offered to all those staying in the hotel. Dubrovnik is a beautiful country and its people are friendly and hospitable. Getting around was mostly done by foot and we used our buggy which was easy as my kids were exhausted by the night and would peacefully sleep in the buggy. A must do is Dubrovnik Cable Car at Sunset, which was recommended by some of Kensington Mum’s followers on Instagram (Thank you!). Best time is to go at Sunset at you capture the magical view of Dubrovnik from the top. We also did the Island day cruise by boat, visiting Croatian islands of Koločep, Lopud and Šipan. Croatia: What a great family destination!

Summer in Greece by Francesca Mum of 1

Our 8 day trip with our little daughter Beatrice to Crete, one the largest and most populous of the Greek islands was amazing! Greek people are lovely, very welcoming with so many tourists arounds. It is great if you are planning a family holiday. There little gestures were very thoughtful, at the end of our meal they would offer their typical sweets and sweet grappa. We started our journey catching a flight from London to Crete Hania airport, the west part of the island. We decided to take a part and visit all west part of the island and was quite easy moving with and Beatrice was happy to move around we stayed in each place 2 days, each hotel is family friendly with facility and swimming pool. Beatrice loved playing and building castle in these wonderfull beaches. Here are a few useful websites to help you get families with the area and get organised for your next holiday.

Car rental in Hania: Europcar

Stravos Blue Beach Appartments.

Rethymno Achillion Palace.

Agia Marina Despina Studios   Dinner Taverna Horiatiko

Elafonisi Elafonisi Resort By Kalomirakis Family

Kissamos lunch at Stelios and Katina

Hania dinner


Summer in Brazil by Janne, Mum of two

We stayed in Fortaleza northeastern of Brazil where the sun shines every day and everybody there is very friendly, with amazing food I may add! We stayed at the Wellness Beach Park Resort, which is very family friendly. They had activities for the kids all day and big aquatic park for them to splash around and have a good time. We also stayed at Cumbuco in what a lovely place. We highly recommend it! For sure we will go back again next summer holiday because it is always raining in London even in summer. 😢😢😢