10 Minute Suppers for Children by Poppy Fraser

We caught up with Mother and Author poppy Fraser on the launch of her new book ’10 minutes Suppers for Children’.  Cooking and making sure our kids eat healthy and nutritious food is something all Mums want for their children.
“Food has always been an important part of my life, my father lived to eat, and my mother is a wonderful cook. I wrote my first book ” Fantastic Recipes from my Favourite People”  9 years ago, at the same time my 2nd child was born. By the time I knew I was going to have baby number 4, 11 months after baby number 3, I knew things were going to be very strained, especially around supper time when everyone is frazzled. I wanted to come up with a way of helping myself not stare blankly into the fridge, at a time when children need to be fed quickly and well. That is where I had the idea of this book, a book designed to help all mothers / grandparents and carers of children. It is a book that celebrates fresh, natural ingredients and the recipes really can be whizzed up in 10 minutes. They are all incredibly delicious, incredibly speedy and incredibly healthy. I really hope they will install a love of good food in children. Good food, means good health, and nothing is more important than that.”
Poppy shares with us two of her favourite recipes here.

Raw Pea and Mint Soup

A wonderful soup that requires no cooking at all … bliss.

450g peas

800ml stock (veg or chicken)


Crème fraiche / cream

Pour a bag of frozen peas into a blender. Add fresh stock or boiling water straight from the kettle; if you are out of stock, add a tablespoon of bouillon or a vegetable stock cube and a handful of fresh mint and seasoning. Blend until this is smooth. Please be careful with the lid of the blender here, and don’t get scorched by steam leaking out of the lid or by the boiling liquid spilling over the top of the blender. I use a tea towel to hold the lid down and open it tentatively.

Pour into bowls with a swirl of crème fraiche / cream.

Vegetarian, Sugar Free, Gluten Free, Wheat Free

Full of vitamin C thanks to the peas.

My Favourite Tuna Pasta

I adore this recipe and it takes seconds to make.

1 jar of very good quality tuna in olive oil

1 large bunch of flat-leaf parsley

1 garlic clove

1 red chilli

A very generous scrunching of pepper and some salt

Put your chosen pasta in a large, salted pan of boiling water.

Place the tuna in the magimix, along with all of the other ingredients. Whizz up to form a paste and slowly add some of the oil from the tuna jar until you have a smooth sauce. Once you have drained the pasta (keeping back a small cup of the cooking water), add the sauce to the pasta, stirring and adding some of that cooking water to the pasta until you have achieved loose, coated pasta. Heaven.

Full of vitamin A and B12, B6 thanks to the tuna.


Proceeds from each sale are going to Cancer Research, a charity important to Poppy as her father died 4 years ago from it. Books are available direct from poppyfraser.com